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That picture is of me.

I demand that you cease and desist propagating the distribution of the link in question, hereafter referred to the “You aren’t asking me if that is real, really…'cause that would be entirely fucking stupid, worse even than Timmy P neglecting to ask the concierge at the Hollywood Hilton for discretion when he checked in with a cage full of Gerbils, three tubs of lube and the instructions “If Mr… Gere calls, please forward to my room”…are you?” link

The intellectual and representative property of 'Cake will be defended to the very last lawyer on earth. You can avoid further legal action by sending me your dog, Biotest supplements and all your money.


Lawyers are standing by.

“I’m so gullible. I’m so damn gullible. And I am so sick of me being gullible”

~ Lana Turner

That’s as real as me having a 24 inch cock

It’s a link to the future.
Mr. Olympia 2020

Are you an idiot?

That’s a lot of synthol.

This photo was featured in a thread last fall.


Check the last few posts for a clue as to who it might be.

Grooveless tongue- It’s just a post. I’m just throwing something out there. Save your shit for another time.

funny what you can do with a computer these days, reminds me of Hyde in the League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Hyde had more personality though.

Thats our favorite “Der Freak” who’s undergone some major photoshop adjustments.

I bet he has that hanging up in his bedroom though… Someday baby! Someday!


Are you on speed???

Me and my 24" cock think it’s real.

“I know this is almost definitely computer generated, but do you guys think this could be real?”

Speed, you’re joking, aren’t you??

Nobody with half a brain would believe that shit. Good photoshop work though!

If you know it is computer generated why are you asking if it is real? Yeah it’s real-it’s a real picture of a computer generated body attached to a tiny head.

yea i know, I was just throwing it out there, MD already told me that somebody already had a while ago. No need for your smartass comments. Just something I saw and thought it’d be good to post. But hey you never know, anything’s possible.

I think it needs bigger pecs!

Anything’s possible? O.k.