Does anyone here play rugby? If so what do you do for weight training and running? I’ve been trying to put together a new training plan for the summer, any help would be appreciated.

I referee rugby, but my wife plays.

One thing both my wife and I do is interval or sprint training 3 times a week for 20 minutes. Also running up hills. This has improved our game fitness and is quite specific to the stop/start nature of rugby.

For weights if I was training specifically for rugby I would do more core strength work and focus on developing explosive strength e.g. jumping squats.

Hope this helps.

I play for Georgetown University. Running: go to, look for “scrum fitness,” and look at the sections for endurance, speed, agility, and plyometrics. They have lots of stuff, some for particular positions. Just be sure to gradually increase the volume of speed work over the summer.

Weights: I use a combination of Renegade Training and Westside lifting, lots of explosive lifts focusing on the posterior chain. Lots of GPP too, so I can keep up the same volume of training during the season. Regardless of what position you play, you’ve gotta be explosive, and you’ve gotta be able to keep running for 80 minutes.