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I have a problem/question. I am doing the renegade program for football for next season. I love it. The feeling before, during, and after the workouts is great.
I found out at my hig school they are going to have rugby as a club sport. I am definitely interested. But football is my main goal, and I was wondering if playing rugby would be a bad choice if it would hinder my preformance/training for football.
any comments questions are appreciated.


I live in the UK and play football but have considered a switch to rugby. They are definitely two different sports in the type of training required for them. The answer to your question depends on numerous factors, e.g. when are you going to be playing the two sports - the same time or separately, what position you are in football etc.
I would say that rugby would definitely require promoting greater speed endurance and, if you played as a forward, greater strength endurance. This is becuase you will be on the pitch for a full 80 minutes with minimal break. Personally, I think it would make a great off-season choice but together with football might be too much in-season.


Even though it could impeed your performance go ahead and play. When you get to beyond college you don't have many chances to play organized sports besides the normal pickup game of basketball. Go out and see how you like it.


A lot of American Footbal coaches like players to have a go at Rugby in the off season. Others depise it.

It would be great for your conditioning and ball carrying skills. But defensive players should be aware that Rugby requires a somewhat different tackling style (head of tackler behind the ball carrier) and a few other technique issues.

I (and about half my team) play both and it doesn't seem to hurt.


the rugby would a be a club sport in the spring.
i play FB/DE in football.


Steve - first they are numerous technical elements on the field you need to be aware of. However as your conditioning coach I will be happy to make some special modifications for you by splitting up some of these cycles. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies


having played rugby for going on 12 years, I think I have a pretty good idea about what it can offer you...more cardiovascular and strength endurance are the most immediate benefits. The only concern that I have is that you will have trouble getting increases in size/strength for football while playing rugby. Playing rugby takes a very large amount of energy, and the body takes a bit of a beating almost like football. If your main goal is to be a higher-level football player, it may be best to stick to John Davies' program for optimal preparation...however, if you're looking for a bit of fun and to knock a few heads, then rugby's a pretty good choice.


coach- i definitely have some interest to play, but I won't play if its going to take away too much from my football training-whats your opinion on this? I know rugby can help me-endurance etc, but do the positives outweigh the negatives?


be a man.
give up the pads and helmets and play a full contact sport like it was designed to be....raw.
just kidding you mate, i know you Yanks can mix it up

i think the whole issue is based around your position, level of competition, and performance goals in football... despite similarities in the shape of the ball and the fact that you get to run into people at speed, there are major differences in the two sports.

rugby also has very different energy demands from football and i really think you need to look at the big picture in terms of your football career. check with coach davies regardless. if you don't already know the coach is awesome at replying to all personal emails as well as being a kick ass coach. he'll probably set you straight.

my opinion, which means diddle, is that you give rugby a crack for a season (i know your seasons are pretty short, so not so stressful) and see how you go.
you never know mate, you could end up liking rugby more... forcing you to quit football, move to New Zealand, steal all our women, and make me run around and try to tackle your testosterone-ass on the field.
(you have a better chance of going pro/national level in the states in rugby anyway, great set-up).

good luck mate, and if you do have a go at rugby, enjoy the crunch!


Steve - with your goal of playing football, certainly any work outside with hinder development. However if possible, I think in you would get tremendous benefit from playing Rugby as well as enjoying being part of this great sport. Why dont you get back to me with what your Rugby schedule and I will try to build something special for you. We do need to make sure your sport specific training does not suffer. And hey, as our Renegade brother noted you can always play Rugby, move in NZ and steal the hearts of those beautiful kiwi gals (HaHa)! In faith, Coach Davies


Didn't we Australians steal all your good looking women anyway?


kiwirenegade, what team do you play for?


coach and others-i have decided that I'm not going to play. I am so serious bout football this year(im a junior now, I didn't play last-ran cross country) that I don't want anything getting in the way of football.
I will play next year when I can just play for fun, without having to worry about a future goal(football)


go for it! I'm an American who switched to Rugby from Football because I ended up liking it better...someone here said certain techniques are different (like tackling) but you figure that out the first time you play -- if you're used to tackling people by burying your helmet into their chest (like me), you'll find out the first time you try that it's not a good idea when you don't have a helmet...the game is just plain fun! Plus, it's more fun off the field than Football...you get to hang out with people like Kiwirenegade...it's like a bunch of visigoths getting together to drink fermented deer blood and raw meat...