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Rugby World Cup 2011


As pisspoor as Italy has been lately, I would expect the US to at least give them a game. Oz and Ireland should have a fairly easy time in that pool though. Would Argentina still count in the shock category, or is that not valid anymore after '07? It's gonna be a helluva game between them and England. The Welsh/Samoa/Fiji/SA/Namibia pool is pretty interesting, should be some great rugby played there.


Samoa to shock. If NZ choke here they're not going to get another world cup for 20 years. Little bro is going down to watch the Scotland matches, kind of jealous but broke so oh well. Part of me wants Italy to do well (they beat France in 6nations) but that won't happen. England will at least chug through to the semis. If only their football team had the same consistency....


ireland are playing england in dublin again so itll be a good test for england...tbh,i wouldnt be at all concerned about a team with a centre partnership of tindall/hape or bananaman..especially if st jonny plays 10

we're off to bordeaux to play france so fuck knows how that'll go..id expect scotland/england to go through..argentina are not the swashbuckling team of 4 years ago...thats right,i said swashbuckling



(Doubtful, but they'll get my support anyway).


I wish rugby was more accessible in the states. It's an awesome game to watch and play.


Dont get me started on our centre partnership! Its ridiculous, but tindall isnt gonna get replaced. I like Hape's offloading game, but they are a carbon copy of eachother. Big, strong crash ball merchants. You need a speedster at 13 to run off Hape's offloads. I like George Lowe, but like i said, with the experience that Tindall has got, he isnt going anywhere.


Here are the teams I'll be cheering on:

South Africa
All the UK teams
Probably Tonga 'cos they're underdogs...

All Blacks to win.


why has tait been overlooked?a very underrated player imho.. hes never really been forgiven for being smashed by henson years 6 years ago...his recent move to leicester will certainly help..


He's just too 'lightweight'. he isnt a physical player at all, and doesnt seem to have that determination. I didnt see him last season at all, dunno if he's injured. I dont think he'll walk into the leicester team with allen and tuilagi, i think he'll be a second string / back up player.. and tbh, he seems the type to be happy with that.


lol.. pretty much everyone then?!


Lol, not everyone!

Those are the teams I'll be cheering on but my fav are France, Samoa and NZ.


you'll be disappointed when england brings home the trophy! COME ON ENGLAND!!!

i know, wishful thinking.. but its what we're best at :slight_smile:


You will probably luck out again, and get to the final!


haha! now that we're playing decent enough rugby, we probably wont make it past the group stages. Or revert to what we know, and play boring rugby and luck it like you say.. i dunno which id rather, i hate the way we 'used' (fingers crossed) to play.


I think we will know a lot more about Irelands chances after the warm up games. It's certain that they have to get over the men in white jerseys syndrome. I see quality all over the park though. If Kearney is back and in form then we will be a lot stronger then we were in the six nations. On the wings we have a lot of quality, and though I'm no fan of D'arcy, I do think he links quite well with BOD.

The one player I wish wasn't so injury plagued and still in with a shout would be Jerry Flannery. He is/was such a dynamic hooker, and practically played as a fourth back rower. The options we currently have in that position are no where near as good.

I'm looking forward to seeing what French team turn up. If they are on form and consistent they will go far I think, but if they were like they were in the six nations I don't hold much hope for them.


Yeah I know what you mean. Like you were discussing earlier, your centre partnership is terrible. I personally think Tait wouldn't be a bad option.
What I do hope for though, is that my irrational hatred of Dylan Hartley is satied. A few jabs to that cocky face of his would go down a treat!


Universal sports will be covering the WC in the US. Their an nbc or abc affiliate I think.

Eng lose first game to Arg just to make things as tough as possible in the latter stages. Wales get beat by either Samoa or Fiji.


LOL. I understand the hatred of Dylan Hartley, but i like him. His mental strength is beyond belief and ive always admired players who try to get in opposite teams heads.

I really dont rate tait, i know he played relatively well in the last final, but he just doesnt seem to have the big match temperament. I like tuilagi but his defensive frailties far outweigh his big hitting ability. I think George lowe will be in there.. saying that though, i cant remember if he's in the elite squad.

I dunno what it is about ireland tbh. the quality there is ridiculous, but it just doesnt click lately. you have found a real gem in the back row (cant remember his name, wears a scrum cap and plays for leinster), man is a complete athlete.


I doubt Tuilangi will play for England for a while after that haymaker on England's golden winger Ashton (I assume we are talking about the same one).


the thing about tait is hes the only centre option who is in any way creative...tuilagi/hape/tindall/bananaman and even anthony allen(ive only seen him play 3 games for leicester in fairness) are all one dimensional which suits the crash bang wallop nature of the aviva premiership..

in fairness,playing for sale has done him no favours as they are beyond terrible..england have a quality attacking back three but more often than not the ball is taken into contact in midfield and slowed/lost/kicked away or they attack so far behind the gainline theres no chance of making progress..