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Rugby Union Conditioning

trying to improve my pre-season anaerobic and aerobic fitness, currently training 4-5 days a week and season starts in 10 weeks. any recommendations to include or exclude from this program. rugby union is a fast paced interval game which goes for 80min

day 1- 60 secon each station x2
1, db hang pull
2, db sgl arm lunge
3, sgl arm db swing
4, db oh squat to push press
5, sgl arm row, 1 legged
6, db wood choper
7, plank press up
8, db side lunge
9, burpies
10, squat jump

8min AMRAP

1, step up x15
2, moutain climber x20
3, lunge x5 (each leg)
4, push press x10
5, frount squat x8

Core x3
1, crunches x15
2, side prone dips x15 each side
3, cycle crunches x15
4, sgl leg leg lowers x15
5, v sit twist x15

day 2- 5,10,15 meter shuttle sprints x6 on 30sec
10,20,30 meter shuttle sprints x6 on 45sec
20,50,100 meter shuttle sprints x6 15sec rest after each set
stair case run 300 aprox steeps x1 as quick as possible

day 3- 15min skipping
15min core
3km sprint

day 4- 15min skipping
8km run

day 5- 4x400m sprint, 3x300m sprint, 2x200m sprint, 1x100m sprint x2

Mauro Di Pascale has a template out there in Internet land. Look it up.

Your program has 0 strength components to it. Not good.

It’s rugby training, not cross fit.

The runs,sprints and core work seem to fit well but as JFG said-you need to include more strength work.Try using Wendler’d 5/3/1 template and replace one of the hill sprint days with a longer run.You could also do the skipping/sprints after your lower body days.Hope this helped.

Agreed with both responses along with strength and speed work, being able to run 5 miles at a solid pace without dieing means you ll be able to stay moving for 80 minutes

cheers guys ill look that stuff up, i have bein doing alot of bulking work over the break now doing definition work in the gym as getting closer to season starting.