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Rugby training

Have any of you guys ever trained for rugby? Should I do renegade training? I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. I was thinking my focuses should be speed/agility, explosiveness, and running for conditioning since you’re always running around. If anyone has trained for rugby, please leave your .02. thanks.

I stumbled upon this site when looking for was to increase my sprinting speed, its a site totally dedicated to rubgy training they even break down into the different positions and have example workouts for sprints plyos etc.

My bad forgot to post the link here it is www.scrum.com

Only one thing to say do Renegade wo. My brother and I are kicking ass this season do to John Davies he is a fucking god, however be ready to pay the price of victory.

I train westside right now. I have become much more explosive and am a more powerful runner since I started training this way. By the way, I play inside center. You could also do some powercleans in your workouts.

Renegade Training would be great for Rugby. In fact, Coach Davies has a Rugby-specific program that he offers at renegadetraining.com

I do tons of cardio, i run my ass off as full back (though i’m really an outside center wanna-be) I got a new workout about a month ago, it’s been kicking my ass…and has been indirectly been kicking the ass of the players on the other team! It’s a low volume, high intensity program. I also ride horses and box, so the variety of exercise also helps, i think.

How long have you been playing? how old are you? what is your training (lifting experience)? any injuries? what position do you play?

It depends quite a bit on the stage of your development, in my oppinion. The position you play is very important factor also.

Im just trying out for the team, I’ve never played before. Since its a club sport at my school everyone makes the team. The coach’s workout plan is pretty rediculous IMO, one thing he said at the meeting is if you dont bench 1.5 times your weight, you’re gonna be on the ground with people trampling you. So I figured I’d turn to the boards and see if you guys had any better advice. What does the rugby renegade training video cover? anyone know?

Man you gotta be doing Renegade training!!

Hey I will be more than happy to answer any specific questions for you. I do use a specific program for my rugby players and will happy to discuss. Maybe you could tell me a little more about yourself. And Eddie - hearing of you and your brothers success is the best reward I could imagine for posting to this site. I am honored by your comments. In faith, Coach Davies

Being able to bench 1.5 times bodyweight probably helps. But I do alright, and I can’t bench 450. More important is your attitude and match ready fitness. And that’s where Renegade training comes in.

BTW: Coach, all the guys at my club thank you (in varying degrees) for your posts to this site.

thanks men - again, your guys comments have made it all worthwhile. In faith, Coach Davies

I havent tried renegade but I would suppose they would help you quite a lot, esp the GPP stuff. Anyway be sure to read the article in one of the previous issues about the need to have the drive to win. Forget the name of the article. Anyone remember?

I’ve played rugby at provincial level. I’ve also just completed my first week of the VIP renegade program and can assure you that it’s ideal for rugby. It’s a damned site tougher than anything else I’ve done.


Coach - I dont really know what to ask you. Is the rugby regimen similar to what you posted here? I assume that the article you wrote was more general and non sport specific. I’m 6 feet tall, 190 lbs and have been training for about 3 years. I’m gonna ask my friends if they want to chip in to buy the video. Thanks a lot.

great site eddie!

If you can recover, train Westside. Utilise extra workouts and sled dragging.

Another bit of advice; Play rugby league, rugby union is for arseholes.

Diplomacy’s not your strong point Nigel!
If Union is for arseholes then why are so many top league players switching codes?

i’m in the 6th week of Coach Davies functional strength program (not the rugby specific one) and i’ve seen tremendous progress since the start of the season. For rugby, besides strength training, you need to do a LOT of interval training, shuttle runs, and short sprints (under 50 yds). i always do solo workouts, and i found a tape from England that tells you different speeds and how long you should continue at those paces. I think it’s available at www.rugbyscience.co.uk, and ships really quick to the U.S. This tape is the only reason i can last 80 minutes.