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Rugby Training


For those of us in America, college rugby season is fast approaching and as i head back to school with some added muscle and speed i want to know what some other ruggers are planning on doing to keep their gains. I know this topic has been discussed before, but im looking for a fresh approach. Let me know if it was jsut recently discussed and i missed it.
We practice 5 days a week with one game day, and im hoping to hit the gym 3 x a week with 2 upper body and one lower body days. Im thinking of keeping it simple with just the big lifts, but im not sure on my set/rep scheme to offset fatigue from practice. Any ideas?? thanks


why dont you do 2 or 3 total body workouts like some OH squats, pullups, and clean & press something similar to the next big 3 program posted on here it worked great when i used it during in-season wrestling to maintain some size and strength but id like to hear more on in-season training pertaining to rugby as i wanna play so BUMP


I usually do three total body workouts a week. We only practice two days a week though. I asked Coach Staley a similar question during a conference call and his response as far as what kind of workouts to do in season was this. Work up to a set or two of low reps with a "training max" (~80-85% of 1RM). So if you were doing total body workouts, you would have your six movements and for each one you would do a couple warm up sets and work up to a set or two of singles, doubles, or triples with your training max. You would also want to keep bar speed as high as possible I'm sure.

I think that would be the way to go for you since you have training 5 days a week.

On a side note, down in Florida the fall season was only regional cup action. The real USA Rugby season was in the spring. Is it different up north?


we may have a slightly diff schedule then u guys. fall is our regular season, but then we also have regionals at the end of that. if we qualify, nationals are held in the spring. I also dont play D1 so it may be different.

but thanks for the training advice, i think im going to go with that


Hello, Sorry to jump on this thread, but...Are there any sites that help guide a person interested in getting in shape or conditioned for Rugby? If there are what are they? If there aren't what do you people suggest as basics for getting in shape or in condition for Rugby?

Thank you.


There is a great article in one of the "Get Up" issues on Dan John's website. I'm sorry that I can't remember which issue, but reading all of them in the process of finding it can't hurt! Maybe ask Dan if he knows which one it is.


Find a club and just go to practice. I guess if you are a fat, uncoordinated shit you would first need to address those issues....or not judging by some of the people I see. Don't worry if you are out of shape though, it will come in time with hard work. The tough part will be learning the game, and the best way to do that is to play it! Have fun!