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Rugby Training

I know that there have been numerous posts regarding rugby conditioning, specifically dealing with renegade training. However, after searching the internet i found an audio tape called “speedplay” by Robert Howley. I have been unable to buy it, since it is not in stock apparently anywhere. I was wondering if anyone on the boards has read/owns the tapes, or would be willing to sell them. Thanks in advance.

One of my friends who plays at Maryland has the tapes. It’s basically an interval workout with several speeds, and the narrator calls out the speed and time interval. After a couple tries you start to figure out how to anticipate certain changes in speed based on the subtle background music, which helped me think about the workout in a game-like setting. He made a spreadsheet of all the time intervals, it broke down to 42% walking, 34% jogging, 14% running, and 10% sprinting (I don’t remember if this was the easy or hard side of the cassette, probably easy). It also calls out direction changes, which is kind of a rude awakening if you’re used to doing all your conditioning on a track. We worked out with them a couple of times and I really liked it (25 min. on the hard side equated to a full half of actual play for me), I’ll see if he’s still got them.