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Rugby Training Log

Aug 4
Clean 95\5 110\5 125\7 95 5\5\5
Press 70\5 80\5 95\6 70 5\5\5
Chinups 2,2,1,1,1,1
Tri Ext 5 plates\14\10 4 plates\12\10

Cleans felt too light but I tried to focus on exploding once the bar got just above the knee (even though I could basically curl the weights). Not too concerned, going to stick with the 5/3/1 reps as recommended for right now. If I find that I need to up the weight and reduce the volume I will do that at a later date. Press felt heavy and I’ll likely add more assistance sets for it sooner than later. Chinups are tough as always but it’s the first time I’ve done them twice in a week for a very long time, baby steps.

Aug 5
Kicked a ball around for a while and had a good stretch.

Aug 8
Front Squats 110/3 130/8 145/5
Deadlifts 145/3 170/3 190/8
Pushups 5 sets of 10 (supersetted with deadlifts)
YTWL 2 sets of 12

Chose to do squats with deadlifts due to laziness earlier in the week. Got my sets mixed up with squats so I only did 5 reps with 145. Poundages would be light even if they were in kg’s but the weights felt good today. Going to superset lower body movements with chest stuff and make sure that I hit the rotator cuffs anytime I do a pressing movement. Practice tomorrow and game on Saturday, hopefully I’ll be playing something other than flanker or wing!

Aug 9

Not lifting today as I want to keep my legs at least somewhat fresh for tomorrow’s game. Going to lift on Sunday (cleans and presses), Monday (squats and deadlifts), and Wednesday (cleans and presses). With some sprinting/kicking on Tuesday. We’ll see how this goes!

Playing winger tomorrow, hope I can move in to 9 but we’ll see what happens

Aug 10

Had a rough day on the wing, dropped a pass and a kick, legs were toast. Never doing lower body on a Thursday (or later) ever again

August 12
Clean 100/3 115/3 135/6 ‘joker set’ 150/3 165/fail
Press 75/3 80/3 95/8 75/8/3 (ran out of gas)
Band Pull Aparts 2 sets of 10

Not great today, legs still feeling sore from Saturday.

August 14
Front Squat 120/5 135/3 150/5
Deadlift 160/5 180/3 200/6

No accessory work, going to lift later as well.

Everything felt good, really feels like I’m getting back into shape. Again, these numbers aren’t tremendous, but it’s reassuring to see that I can make progress and stick to a program.

August 14
Clean 110/5 125/3 140/4
Press 80/5 90/3 100/4

Going to do some assistance stuff tomorrow, felt good today

Welp I fell off the face of the earth for a while there. Once I got to England I worked out for two weeks and then got shin splints and a bad case of being a lazy douche. Back in Canada now and ready to start using the home gym. I got a power rack and bench over Christmas so I can finally do 5/3/1 for real!

Going to figure out which variation tonight, figure out an estimate for the weights, and do workout #1!