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Rugby Season!


It's finally that time of the year again. Time to shed the winter fat and pull on a pair of short-shorts and striped socks.

So who are the other ruggers on T-Nation? Thought I'd create a place to just talk about rugby, ambitions, stories, etc.


Im a prop.. hopeing to play blind side next season.

are season has just pretty much ended



Looks like I'm going to be a prop this season.
I played second row last year so it's not a huge change for me.

How was the season?


Pretty good.. i scored 8 tries, never went backwards in the scrum and we got promoted. :smiley:


Pretty impressive! What level do you play at?


used to play junior international till i got injured.

Just coming back, im in premiership 2 atm.

Basically the second teir in scotland.



I played outside centre or occassionally wing in rugby union.

Played at an alright level, for the school and had the chance to do district trials but I always got distracted by football (soccer).

In rugby league, I was a fullback which I loved.Flattening people one-on-one.

Not played much in the last 2 years since leaving school, I've got some highlights from a 10s tournament I was in before christmas, try to get the up.

Those bannanas:
Are you semi-pro playing in the 2nd tier?


I'm probably going to start playing this year.


It's a great sport. Not only is it ridiculously fun to play, but the comradery and friendships are lifelong.


no you dont.


This year will be my first rugby season. I already lift weights (although I'm weak as dick), are there any specific drills/workouts you guys find particularly useful for rugby? Preferably stuff I can do on my own.


Your coaches should be able to teach you everything you need to know. I joined the team a week before the first match and ended up playing in it because it's so easy to learn. That being said, all the rugby specific workouts will most likely be covered in practice.

90% of our drills include: passing drills, tackling drills, and just scrimmaging. Since you can't do that on your own, I'd just suggest you do some HIIT training (mimics the game play style of rugby); and do squats, cleans, and deadlifts to build speed and explosiveness.


For drills depends what position, but to be an outside centre/winger you need to be fast and strong. I wouldn't spend to much tme worrying about passing as long as you can do the simple stuff.

Obviously number 9 and 10 need great hands when playing at a decent level.

Forwards- fit and strong, gotta be making a fair amount of carries and making a good amount of tackles.

Overall, be fast and strong. So basic heavy lifts and some conditioning, if you're gonna make back-to-back tackles you need to be fit.


Play midwest college ball and will be playing club mens here shortly. 6'2 225 winger.


Hey Zelazo! Haha can't wait to play each other again, see you May 20 and again May 24!

Anyways, this will be my 3rd season playing. My first season, I was a c-side fullback, about 135. My second I was an a-side flanker at 175, now I'm a-side flanker/8man at 195 pounds.


Hey man good to hear from you again! According to the schedule we get to play each other last game of the season; that should be intense.

This is only my second season. Last season I was the a-side flanker/2nd row at 185, now I'm most likely going to be prop at 210.


A prop at 210? Don't you have fat guys in Connecticut?


I'm 16.


nice scrum.

my one of our doormen plays rugby. took a picture with a rugby chick, i'll have to find it.

she was thick as FUCK. hahaha.


Did someone say rugby chicks?