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Rugby Pre-Season/Spartan Race Training


Sunday March 27th 2011 :

-Training for school rugby season that starts in a couple weeks
-me and some of the guys on the team are taking part in a "spartan race"(6-7KM outdoor obstacle course) on June 19th
-I'll try to post all the workouts I do and the drills we do in practice.

170 lbs
15-16% BF
(i know that may be small to most people on here but in august i was 210 with 30% BF so since i've cut quite a bit i'll probably try and bulk up during the summer)

today's workout:

1a)DB neutral grip bench press 4x12-1st 2 sets-40 lbs ,last 2 sets-45 lbs(cant lift much for neutral grip exercises as it hurts my elbows-anyone know why?)
1b) Medicine ball chest passes to wall 4 x10-10 lbs

2a)Straight arm pulldowns 3x12-90 lbs
2b)Face pulls 3x12-80 lbs

3)10 pull-ups + max hold at top of last rep x2

4)Shoulder raises(front,side,rear)10 reps each x3-20 lbs DBs

5a)Sprinter crunches 3x24
5b)plank 3x1min

6) stair running with burpees @ top and bottom of stairs 2x5(up and back)

tomorow we're either doing some contact drills on the feild or stair running at school-depending on whether or not the snow is melted by monday afternoon.


Monday March 28th 2011 :

-Rugby Practice after school
-Did some passing drills,reactive cutting/passing drills,2 on 1s and 3 on 2s

my buddy had this insane workout he learned at his co-op placement.it weant something like this: 21 med ball slams
200m sprint
21 med ball thrusters
21 wall jumps
200m sprint
21 back extensions
21 push-ups
......contiued in this manner for 18,15,12,9 and 6 reps.ran a total of 3.5km.awesome workout.thought i was gonna puke !!!


Tuesday March 29th 2011 :

fucked up my leg at practice today.got tackled from the side and landed with it under me X(
back of knee,front and back of my shin and bottom of my hammy are all sore as fuck.just icing them now.
if anybody can put a name to my injury(i think i hyperextended my knee but i don't know) or has any ideas on how to treat it i'd really appreciate it.

anyways today at practice we did some drills with the bags then moved on to full contact practice(when i fucked up my leg) then some 5 on 4s and 5 on 3s

i was gonna work out tonight but i can't do much with this dead leg so i'll take the night off.cheers


Wednesday March 30th 2011
the legs feeling better alredy.used the foam roller a couple times today and last night,i guess the muscles just tightened up when i fell yesterday.

today at practice we did some in-close passing with and without defendersand then a drill where 5 attackers face 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 defenders after they score against the previous wave.it's pretty fun and we saw some cool and funny moves from some of us older guys.

worked out twice today.once in my personal fitness class where i really just messed around :

                                straight arm pulldowns-6x6-90lbs
                                lat pulldowns-4x10-120lbs
                                seated rows-2x15-120lbs

just fucked around and talked to the other guys in my class and did some back work.then tonight after practice i did a chest workout my with buddy at the gym :

decline bench-3x10-135lbs
flat bench-5x5-190lbs
incline bench-3x12-135lbs
DB Flyes-3x10-25lbs(x2)
incline flyes-3x10-25lbs(x2)
bar dips-3x5(chest was pretty tired by now)-bodyweight

cracked my nose of someone's shoulder today,it's not broken but it is swollen as fuck.my lips cut too and i think a couple of my teeth are loose.God i love rugby.cheers


Friday april 1st 2011 :

just had a short practice today,played a big game of touch with rucking then broke into forwards and backs,forwards(thats me,i play hooker)practiced taking a defenders base(we basically just wrestled for 10 minutes)then we did some lineouts.the backs just ran some plays on the other side of the feild.

today workout:

snatch-grip deadlift- 135x5

Front squat-5x5-155 lbs

rear delt DB flies-15 lbs. 4x10

windshield wipers 1x20
cruncehs 1x20
plank 1x max hold

gonna clock my first 5K time tomorow.wish me luck !!


Sunday April 3rd 2011 :

Staright arm pull-downs-4x10-90 lbs
Bent-over rows-3x12-115 lbs
wide grip lat pulldowns(iso hold at bootom of every rep)-3x12-70,80,90 lbs
seated rows-3x12-60,80,100 lbs
seated overhead press-3x10-90 lbs
barbell shrugs-4x10-140,180,240,310 lbs