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Rugby Player Looking for Input

Well this is my first ever post, so be gentle please. Im 15 years old weigh 198 pounds or 90kg and am 5ft 11inches .Ive been hitting the gym for just over a year and a half now, slightly patchy at due to exams or rugby commitments.

I play rugby and am hoping to get far in the sport, so from the picture not much can be distinguished as my camera skills are something to be desired especially with a mobile.

But could you give me some of your input please.Any improvements that need to be made that are noticable. Bearing in mind i want to stay mobile. Also due to the angle of the pic my arms dont look that large unfortunatly.

What you look like means Dick give us stat how are you playing where are the weak spots lifting / training can fix

help us help you

[quote]Phill wrote:
What you look like means Dick give us stat how are you playing where are the weak spots lifting / training can fix

help us help you

Well the season is out at the moment but when it was in i was probably playing the best i ever have. My training has been limited because of an upper bicep/shoulder strain which is very persistent so i havent benched in over 10 weaks and only managed to do light weights else where on my upper body.

However i am starting to focus alot of my legs and back so ive been doin alot of squats and deadlifts.

Squat(freeweight): 80kg
Squat(smith machine): 115kg

Deadlift: 110kg

So basically i want to give my upper body a rest and only do light training, and instead build power in my legs and back. My weakness is probably in my deadlift, i often struggle to have the right form so i have to stop short.

Essential info that is needed to help you:

Position that you play?
Level that you play at?
How good is your aerobic conditioning?
How good is your anaerobic conditioning?
Weak points in your game, mental and physical?
Number of years playing?
Technique errors that need fixing? (just being bigger won’t help you much)

It would be easier to help you with that info.

You didn’t need to include a picture.

The previous poster has the right questions. Answer them.

one question to add to what DrSTU asked. What’s the nature and severity of this shoulder/bicep injury?

At your age you should heal relatively quickly, it’s rather disconcerting that you’ve been out for 10 weeks because of this (unless I misunderstood and you are just being overly cautious).

Anyway, have you seen a good doctor about this issue? And by good I mean one who regularly works with athletes and sports related injuries. Not a knock on GPs, but familiarity with the nature of sports related injuries makes a huge difference IMO.

Also, to those saying the picture was unnecessary, I disagree. I see some definition in the abs there. That combined with the lack of beer or food in the picture and I can almost guarantee he’s not a prop;)