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Rugby Player Looking for a Routine Recommendation

Hello, I am a collegiate rugby player and am looking for a new program recommendation from the 531 Forever book. I’ve ran Krypteia and it was an awesome program but with the current set up of my gym, I cannot do the supersets it calls for. If anyone could recommend a good 531 Forever program for an off season rugby player I would appreciate it. A program possibly including the power clean or other olympic lifts could work well.

Thanks all.

I play rugby- not a high level but still.

I’ve run bbb upper body and triumvirate lower body. That worked great.
Ive done a 2 day whole body also. And I’m doing hard gainers right now.
If you’re off season I recommend hard gainers. If for no other reason than the widow maker squats.
These build determination and dedication.
My advice for this is make sure your TM is spot in. And ease yourself into the additional volume.
Good luck.

Advice + routine here never gets old…

Thib’s ‘Athlete lean,athlete strong’ also worth looking up

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Since someone else mentioned Thib, but I’m guessing you might run into setup issues here as well, either way it’s forum gold.