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Rugby Player Heart Attack

Crash rugby star had heart attack

David Myers toured Australia with the Great Britain team
A former Great Britain rugby league player who had a heart attack while driving on the M6 was using steroids and amphetamines, an inquest heard.

David Myers, 37, had traces of both substances in his blood and Cheshire Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg ruled they may have contributed to his death.

He died when his van hit a bridge support in Cheshire in October 2008.

A family of six later died when their people carrier was hit by a lorry as traffic queued after the first crash.

David and Michelle Statham and their four children were returning home to North Wales when they were killed.

An inquest at Crewe Municipal Buildings heard Mr Myers had been working as a van driver and nightclub doorman following his retirement from rugby.

His partner, Sarah Southern, told the inquest he was a “keep-fit fanatic” but was working “terrifically long hours”.

Chest pains

She said he hoped to return to playing rugby and had obtained a coaching certificate shortly before the crash on 20 October.

Asked by Mr Rheinberg what drove him to work so much, she said: “He needed the money.”

Questioned further about his use of amphetamines, Miss Southern said she was not aware of him using them.

She added: “He may have taken things to keep him awake at work.”

Miss Southern told the court that on the night before he died, her partner had complained of tiredness and chest pains and had planned to see a doctor.

David Myers died in one of two fatal crashes on the M6
Witnesses to his crash described how Mr Myers’ van overtook two vehicles on the northbound carriageway of the motorway and then swerved as it returned to the middle lane.

The van then crashed through a barrier protecting a railway bridge at high speed and hit the bridge itself.

Pathologist Dr Paul Simcock told the hearing a post-mortem examination found Mr Myers suffered little more than minor cuts to his head during the crash, but his heart was twice the normal size.

Dr Simcock said: “Mr Myers was a very fit man and the heart does enlarge when you are fit, nevertheless his heart was over and above what I would have expected to have seen.”

Natural causes

He said toxicology reports found traces of paracetamol and codeine as well as the amphetamines and anabolic steroids.

Mr Myers played for Wigan between 1990 and 1992 and had two spells with Widnes.

He toured Australia with Great Britain in 1992.

Mr Rheinberg recorded a verdict of natural causes “to which amphetamine and anabolic steroid use contributed”.

The separate crash involving chef Mr Statham, 38, and his 33-year-old wife and their children happened about 90 minutes after the crash involving Mr Myers’ van.

Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva’s 40-tonne lorry hit their car as it waited in tailbacks.

Mr and Mrs Statham died instantly at the scene along with sons Reece, 13, Jay, nine, and Mason, 20 months, and 10-week-old baby daughter Ellouise.

Da Silva, 46, of Murcia, in Spain, was jailed for three years at Chester Crown Court in February for causing their deaths by careless driving.

whats stupid is they will see he had traces of anabolic steroids in his system and now thats what killed him.

oh ya there is no way that he was up all night working,and he was high on other drugs like codeine and stuff and fell asleep at the wheel.
oh no it was the evil evil steroids that gave him a heart attack.

Witnesses to his crash described how Mr Myers’ van overtook two vehicles on the northbound carriageway of the motorway and then swerved as it returned to the middle lane.

meaning he did not have a heart attack,someone who has had a heart attack and died driving would not re-correct himself onto the road.

He said toxicology reports found traces of paracetamol and codeine as well as the amphetamines and anabolic steroids.

oh lets forget the codeine thats un important.
the fact tha this girl said he was working at night, naw not important

what this tells me is this, a couple possiblities.

1 he was drugging up on stuff like codeine and meth, he passed out at the wheel crashed recorrected went thru the bridge this is unlikley because of the types of drugs
or more possible

2 this dude was a hard worker, worked the door and driving a van and he was burnt out.
dude had a cold and was taking cold meds the amphedamines were possible sudafed type pills and the paracetamol is nothing more than Tylenol meaning he had Tylenol 3 which contains codeine or he was taking cough syrup,
I dont know about you but what drug do you grab when you have a head ach and your body hurts and you have a fever?
the dude working like a dog then fell asleep at the wheel and that was that
but nooo lets tarnish this mans name by throwing out all common sense and make him look like a druggy steroid abuser, now thats nice of them is it not.
God I hate stupid fucking people.

and op you are a fucking idiot troll by posting this, and posting this in a steroid forum.
trying to get a reaction,
drugs are bad mmmkay
fuck you and the horse you came in on,anyone with half a brain wouldnt even put any weight into this fucking “news” article.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
This reminds me; If you hear a report of my death and it says there were traces of amphetamine and/or methamphetamine in my blood, there weren’t. I am trialing wellbutrin/deprenyl and it will cause a false positive.


this may be of intrest to you, and we can speak on this elseware of you like as not to hijack a perfectly informational thread.

my mother trialed welbutrin to stop smoking and it made her extremely violent.
theres other things she has written down, she writes down everything she takes and how it works with her, but this is one of the things that I remember.
mainly because I was at her house joking with her,making fun like usual and she started to cry then firmly and lovingly placed a baseball bat to my ribs, in only the way a mother can.

WHat the fuck man??

Wow I sure the fuck hope I don’t start doing stuff like that…I have been good for so long…

Btw, same goes for me with what my Pal said about the deprenyl. So far though at a considerably low dose I have no desire to cry during jokes or hit anyone with a bat. I do know some people I’ve wanted to hit with a bat for a long time though.

Sure you didn’t just piss your mom off “joking” with her and like 99.99% of women do 100% of the time she just wigged the fuck out? Just asking bro, totally not my business but .

As for the Op, that’s a fucking horrible story. It alway makes you think when you hear a story of someone falling asleep behind the wheel and losing there lives, nonetheless the lives of others (a whole family thats really fucking sad).

Maddy I’m gonna have to say that I dont’ know the original intent of the OP but I’m going to have to second the idea of them fucking themselves with the dicks of the horses they road in on. And add that the concept of him passing out while having aas in his system is irrelevant. Drowsiness is not a side affect of aas. If he died of a steroid related heart attack then crashed I would say it’s important. However, he probably had a cold and was working his fucking balls off.

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we can start a thread someplace on the welbutrin thing if you guys want when ready, there was other factors that caused her aggressivness,I wont touch upon them in this thread.

and yes my “joking” pissed her off but see our relationship is one of “tough love” we call each other out on each other bullshit all the time and we are not tactful nor nice about it.

we always joke around and fight alot but we always make each other laugh. there was no difference from my day to day attitude it was just she had a low tollerance to anything.
she got into a fight at the store because a man, yes a big guy was being rude and walked past her and bumped into her without saying anything.

if i remember right her words were “you fucking (enter racial slur here) didnt your parents give you any home training or are you naturally a fucking dick”
and then he said something back and she threw a can of soup at him.
that and her reported nightmares were a bit much for her.
she switched to chantix and hasnt had issues since.

ill get her accounts of her test run and if a thread pops up ill chime in on it with details.