Rugby Playa training with ankle weights NEEDS ADVICE FROM

Hi guys,

I play wing for a rugby club and I am training to get faster.

So I bought ankle weights and only take them off when I sleep,shower and stretch. They’re only 2lb and like braces I forgot that I have them around my ankles.

What drills would you recommend?

  1. Stairwell Sprints?
  2. Wind Sprints?
  3. Carocca?
  4. Running Up Hills?
  5. ???
  6. ???


151 lbs
5.2% Body Fat
Resistance training 4/7 times a week and work legs once a week


Much Thanx,

Rugby Man.

I’d recommend you get rid of them, running with ankle weights completely destroys the biomechanics of your stride offering you no beneficial carryover to everyday running/sprinting while at the same time exposing your ankles to a tremendous risk of injury. If you want to use weight in your training you could buy a weighted vest but even then the resistance offered is not optimal for the quality you wish to improve, as this type of resistance is targeting more vertical power i.e. jumping up, rather than the strength required to propel yourself forward. That is why a lot of sprinters train with the use of mini chutes, think about it for a moment and you can see how the resistance experienced when running with a weighted vest is dramatically different to resistance experienced when running while trailing a mini chute behind you. If a chute is beyond your financial means, then a conventional sprinting program will be far more beneficial (your explosive vertical strength which will play a contributing factor to your speed and general ability to play the game will be amply catered for with the use of squat’s, though make sure your squat stance mirrors your general stance when running/standing i.e. feet approximately hip width apart and facing forward). But to get the most out of your sprinting program, train/run while holding a football, studies have shown time and time again that athletes who’s sport involves holding an external object whether it be a tennis racket, football, cricket bat etc, perform better when tested for speed in that criteria, if their speed training was undertaken while holding the object of their sport. In other words you will be able to sprint faster holding the football, if when you do your speed training you hold a football, rather than just undertake a conventional sprinting program.

what weight training exercise are you doing? i would recommend, squats, cleans. snatches, jerks, push presses, and other basic exercises. also are you doing any plyometrics? box jumps, jumping squats, etc…

Check out coach davies articles here and at intensity magazine and then get a copy of his book. Trust me, his programs will have you ready to kill people, for 80+ minutes, adn increase spped strength and agility.

I wouldn’t recommend the use of ankle weights for you training. I would be happy to discuss your preparation for Rugby if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies