Rugby: Neck Exercises

I a rugby player and I play loosehead-prop, my question is I would really like to increase the strength in my neck, to firstly help me better at raising the scrum and secondly to protect it incase of collapse. Are there any excercises people know that can help me.

Power cleans from the knees. Also heavy shrugs. Since you’ll probably lift in lineouts, invest in push presses. Power cleans are best because they are traps builders and they are also very explosive. Oh yeah, squats, as your neck will have to be used to supporting heavy load.

Shrugs. You can also use a dip belt and a cable machine to do neck exercises.

Yeah I include all of those in my workouts, my main problem is if you think about in the scrum a loose head as to lift the other person up with the use of his legs and back but it helps a lot if you can use your neck to help this movement

tie a towel to a plate, bite the towel and move your head around. Or buy a neck set up from

Get a neck harness.
Use it.
No prob.

good ol’ neck bridges

Andy Sheridan does neck deadlifts. I’m not sure how these are done exactly, but by tying a neck harness to the bar somehow, I guess.

You could maybe try hooking the harness to a fixed object underneath you (like through a hole in the power rack/ around one of the pins) and going for isometrics for time; as scrummaging is a sort of an overcoming isometric, as far as the neck is involved.

I guess thats as specific as you can get without actually scrummaging/ using the scrummaging machine.

[quote]sumabeast wrote:
good ol’ neck bridges[/quote]