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Rugby League Off Season Gym Program


Hi all I'm new on this forum and i hoped you could help me...Im starting my off season rugby program I,m 1.83 m tall and 86kg,I play mostly stand-off and i want to put some weight in off season... I was thinking something like 4 day split 5x5 program it looks something like this...

day 1

Back Squat 5x5
Power clean 5x5
High pull 5x5
Shrugs 4x20
Leg press 3x10
Harmstring curls 3x12-15

day 2

Bench 5x5
Incline bench 3x10
Weighted pullups 4xmax
Shoulder press 5x5
Weighted dips 4xmax
Db side rise 4x8

day 3

Deadlift 5x5
Front squat 5x5
Lunges 4x6
Harmstrung curls 3x12-15
Leg extensions 3x12-15

day 4

Bench 5x5
Power clean 5x5
Pullups 5xmax
chinups 5x5
db rows 3x10
db shoulder combo

pls tell me what you think and what should I change...cheers! :slightly_smiling:


[quote]Bizzare93 wrote:
i want to put some weight in off season[/quote]
Understand the importance of nutrition. This is a solid article to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders:

If I had to tweak what you wrote:

[quote]day 1
Back Squat 5x5
Leg press 4x10
Front squat 4x6-8
Lunges 3x8-10
Seated or standing 1-leg calf raise 3x10-15

day 2
Bench 5x5
Pull-up 5x10-12
Incline bench 4x10
Low decline DB press 3x8-10
Weighted triceps dips 4xmax
Pressdown or lying french press 4x8-10

day 3
Deadlift 5x5
Harmstrung curls 3x12-15
Romanian deadlift 4x8-10
Barbell curl 4x6-8
1-arm dumbbell or cable curl 4x10-12
Random weighted ab exercise 4x6-10
Random unweighted ab exercise 4x10-12

day 4
Power clean 5x5
Overhead press 4x6-8
Pullups 4x10-12
db rows 4x6-8
Reverse grip pulldown 4x10-12
db shoulder combo[/quote]
Or, just follow a pre-written template: