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Rugby Injury


Yesterday I was stretchered off following a knee injury. I heard a sharp 'pop' as I changed direction at speed and went down like I had been shot! There was immediate pain laterally (which has persisted) and although I can move the joint there is very limited ROM and I cannot place any weight on the injured leg.

I would very much appreciate any advice on managing this injury as I can not get to the hospital for a couple of days. Currently I am taking ibruprofen (any advice on dose, i weigh ~190lbs) and have tripled my glucosamine and chondroitin and getting plenty of Vit C. I am trying to rest the leg as much as possible and I am elevating it whenever possible.

Thank you in advance.



This is from BUPA mate.


This is a link from the site for you with some extra background info.

If and when you get it properly diagnosed feel free to PM me and I can give you some tips on rehabilitation.

I work in Rugby in Ireland now formerly in Aus and also in the UK and as I am sure you are well aware your injury is not an uncommon occurence.

I'd be happy to give you advice and more background on current best practice with regard to either surgical or non surgical knee rehabilitation.



Thanks for the link. I work in the NHS so should get speedier access to diagnostic imaging etc. Will definately PM you when I have a diagnosis. Thanks again.


Oh man......unfortunately i may have bad news for you dude......those are really very very familiar symtoms.

I popped my knee during a friendly rugby game with Fiji and that was it....i crumbled like an apple pie. Likewise, my knee popped whilst changing direction at a speed (no contact whatsoever), couldn't stand for nuts and my knee swelled like balloon. Saw a doc, did x-rays and a MRI scan (i suggest you should do the same) and i was diagnosed with a torn anterior cruciate ligament + lateral ligament damage, and my meniscus was in "pieces" literallythe doc's suggestion was that if i wanted to pursue my rugby career than i had to undergo an operation....well that was 3 years ago....


Yep that sounds just like what I did too.

You have probably done your ACL and some menisucs damage. See a Surgeon as soon as possible. The limited range of motion will basically mean the longer you leave the operation the harder the rehab (atrophy of the leg).

You will need an MRI to confirm the sort of meniscus damage, but the pop is classic ACL.