Rugby for NEPA

So here’s the deal,

As far as my priorities go, I love bodybuilding, more so than rugby (they’re very close at the moment). I love lifting 4-5 times a week every day after school. However all good things must come to an end. Rugby season is approaching and I have to fit my workouts around rugby.

Pre-season starts in a week, we’d be doing mon @4pm, wed @4pm and fri after school. Because the weight room is only open after school til 4, I can’t work out on friday.

So my immediate problem is finding a new split, Right now I’m doing

M- upper
T- lower
W- off
T- upper
F- upper
S- Snowboarding (NEPA, while the seasons still here)
S- off

So, my first thought was to crunch it together and make the program 4 days in a row but it leaves me with too little recovery time and I’ll burn out quick.

My next idea was a 4-day split. First thing I did was click the search button, but all the splits that came up were separated with rest days, a luxury I don’t have. Normally I would actually enjoy coming up with a program but what I’m worried about most is overlap. But making my own is a last resort, I was wondering if anyone had any templates for a 4-day in a row full body split.

Also if anyone has any better ideas feel free to comment.

Oh yeah and rugby season is coming up so if anyone has a template guideline or previous experience for arranging your workouts around games or something that would be great as well.


Why not do 3 days instead? Rugby + training = more need for recovery.

I’m in the same boat as you, I’ve just decreased the volume of my lifting. I’m doing triples and singles on my lifts so that I’m not too burned out for rugby.

read the WS4sb III article

Yeah 3 days of WS4SB would be fine. keep that set volume low [1-5] and you should be good for footy MWF and games on sat.

I dont know how rugby is considered “non exercise” physical activity. When i played footy it was some damn exercise for sure.

Maybe learn to train in the morning. Tell your coach to open that weightroom up early so all of you can get in there and get bad ass. Your maximal effort lifting wont be as good at that time but your will get great results due to the early morning test levels.


Ok, so WS4SB 3 has 2 in-season workout templates. They’re both more or less full body workouts so I’d probably be doing 1 on monday and the other on thursday. My main concern is muscle loss. I don’t know if I’d be able to stay in maintenance with only 2 workouts a week. Also with all the practices/games I’m sure to lose some weight lol.

Strength loss is also a concern because my position requires a lot of lower body strength in order to do my job well (outside prop).

To compensate for the extra ‘contact cardio’ lol I’m going to up my calories and try to time my carbs right.

Will 2 workouts a week be enough to maintain as long as my diet’s in check?

If anyone wants to look at the workouts they can be found here on pages 15 and 16.

dude if you have a solid diet that comps cals for training and games you will not lose muscle.


That’s all I wanted to know, thanks.