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Rugby Boots Recommendations


I'm looking to pick up a new pair of boots. If anyone could point me in the right direction for a good pair for a forward that would be great.



Canterbury and Adidas.

Black ones too - none of this white boots shit.

Not sure where you would get them from in the in the USA but those are the brands i would search for. The actual makes/type would depend on position, among other things.






Whatever, I just got a sweet pair of white Puma boots, they look sharp.

For the op, the real issues are what height(low/mid/high) and whether you want screw-ins or molded cleats. If you play on a very firm pitch, go with molded. If you are a forward you may want to look at a boot with toe protection but I never really worried about that. I like Adidas personally, Zap gave you some good links, now go get mom's credit card!


I assume from the OP's avatar that he is a lock. Get a higher boot for the ankle stability (important for scrums and lineouts). I would buy screw-ons because you can't predict other school/clubs' fields. And personally I feel better with screw-ons than molded, I feel more confident while driving in scrums and rucks/mauls but that's just me.


Thanks for the responses guys. You are correct Bullpup, I am a lock. Right now I'm using low adidas regulates(i think) and they've worked out well, i put longer studs in last season and i'm starting to feel them pressing through on my feet. I'll probably try out a higher boot as long as it doesn't effect my speed too much.


Mizuno make some decent boots. I used Mizuno's 'Flanker' this season. I had some Nike boots but they split.