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Hello everybody,

I want to keep up with my progress, so I will be writing a log here. Feel free to comment if you want to discuss things. Last tuesday I injured my knee slightly with rugby, but I think that in 1-2 weeks I can train legs normally again. The inside of the knee has some inflamation so I have to be careful with squats until the inflamation is gone. (It is already going pretty well, I can walk normally again)

My stats: Bodyweight: 83.7 kg height: 1.86 meters
My country is the Netherlands but I am currently living in Spain. (By the way my country is not on the list, Holland is just a province of the Netherlands it is no actual country)

Training of today: Because of my knee it was different than normal but in 1-2 weeks my training program will be clear.

Chin ups:

1*5*bodyweight +20kg
1*4*bodyweight +35kg
4*2*bodyweight +50kg

Muscle ups:

4 sets of 6

Leg extensions:

6-7 sets with a relatively light weight to see how the knee moves.

Bench press:


I know that this structure was not very optimal for my bench press, normally I do my bench press before chin ups and muscle ups so the reps with 100kg went slightly less explosive than normal but I was just training random and I was happy that I could train a little after having done nothing for almost 3 days.