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Rugby and Strongman


I'm considering joining a Rugby team but am wondering to what degree it might affect my ability to compete in strongman contests. If it has any negative effect, I'm not going to do it.

I'm sure it depends on the position you play (I really don't know anything about Rugby at this point) but I'm worried about the nonstop running.


It's a contact sport. Chances are you'll get nagging injuries. If you can gut it out, go for it. Physical sports are extremely rewarding as long as you want to do them.


good chance it will interfere unless you dont get much time on the field...

its even worse when you dont know much about the sport because you end up finding yourself out of position at times and running around like a chook with its head chopped off...

having said that, unless you are really competitive with strongman and you are doing it more for competition then enjoyment you may as well give it a shot...

its a fun game...


Rugby is a great game! I definately recommend you give it a go it would be good conditioning for strongman. And I know that the polish guy who I believe is currently worlds strongest man, forget his name, played it and said just that.

He did also say that if it came to a point where injuries were affecting his strongman training/competing he would stop but he loved playing.

I say give it a go, you never know you may quit strongman to concentrate on rugby!!
all the best


Mariusz Pudzianowski is his name and I was mistaken he was strongest man in 2002 and 2003!


I think you can add 2004 to that as well.


Mariusz is also juiced out the gills. You can't compare his training to that of a natural athlete; it's akin to saying a high school kid can handle the same workout as Dorian Yates in his prime.

Playing more than a pickup game of rugby once in a while is not compatable with becoming the best you can be at strongman. The training is too different.



Well most of what's been said here is true. I've played rugby for 4 years, and have had: torn quadricep, torn calf, broken ribs, fractured fingers, dislocated shoulders, various concussions, countless sprains, and too many scrapes, bumps, and bruises to even mention here.

That being said, I think it is the greatest team sport in the world. If you're lucky, it may not affect your training, and it will give you some great conditioning benefits, as well as a fun time. If you're unlucky... well, I couldn't torque my shoulder into a squat position or do any kind of heavy pressing for about 6 weeks after I dislocated my shoulder.

Bottom line is that I think it's a great time, but don't put it on the same level as going for a sunday jog. Rugby is a very physically demanding sport and has the potential for injury.


good luck with whatever you end up doing, but all i gotta say is rugby is an awesome sport and great fun! i hope you at least give it a try.


It all depends, doesn't it? On how serious your strongman is, and how serious the rugby is. But you have nothing to lose by trying it for a few months. You may even grow to love it. And if you don't, go back to the strongman. If you don't try it, you'll never know.
-25 years playing, the last 9 also coaching-


Your position would be the place to start...maybe I have my head in my hole but I am going to make the assumption that you are a big fella and not a 148lb strongman.

If you are prop I could see it having a predominently positive impact.

As a forwrad you'd have the game benifits of static strength improvements scrummaging, dynamic strength improvements mauling and rucking as well as the energy systems work of primarily sprint/power variety.


Deanosumo, who did/do you play for and what position?


I'm going to be competing as a lightweight strongman at 215 and 6'1''. I'll be trying to get to the upper end of the weight class at 230.


Played for few teams. East Coast Bays Rugby Club in North Harbour, many years, since 8 or so, off and on in between stints living overseas, a year for Auckland University, two years in Australia for a club in Qld, and currently living in Japan for the second time, playing for a club, and being paid to coach a private boys' school. I played open-side flanker until about 25 or so when I got too slow and big from all the weights (and piss!) and have being playing No8 or blindside since.

What about yourself?


And you know he is "juiced out the gills" how??? Do you personally inject him?

Seriously, it sounds as if you think steroids are what make Mariusz a freak and give him the insane work capacity he has.

Yes, Mariusz is most likely on steroids. We don't know how much he takes but I'd bet it isn't more than other top WSM athletes. His work capacity is due to his freaky genetics and extreme discipline to his profession.

You can't compare Mariusz training to anyone, including steroid users. The guy is just a freak.

I could probably run circles around some of the gym lifters that are here when it comes to conditioning but in the same token Mariusz would make me look like a little child.

I think it's because Mariusz takes more steroids than us.


Hey hey...Just in MHO, I find, other than the major injuries outlined by Jared, the day to day wear and tear of training in rugby(if you're fit) is less than I've found in other physical pursuits. That being said, the injuries you sustain in rugby are pretty severe, if you sustain them (which is likely).
That being said, it's a fantasic ganme that brings guys together in a way not much else can. I'd go for it.