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Rugby, 7's, Hockey, Repeat


Does the world really need another training log?

Anyhow about me:

22 years old, born sept. '88. 5'10" 175 currently.

I played hockey since I could walk. I thought my career was over when I finished junior with a busted up "groin" turns out it wasn't my groin.

Arrive at college fall '09 - recruited for the rugby team. Play through the season, and it turns out my groin doesn't bother me when running, only skating. Last match of the season I take a nasty hit, tear my MCL, PCL, and meniscus, fracture my ankle, and my hip is having some problems.

Couple months, an MRI later I realize I need surgery on my torn hip labrum. Basically it's fucked and after a labrectomy and rehab I'm ready to go now.

So my goals are hard to figure out. I may be able to play hockey again and I go to a D1 school. I'm torn between that and my new sport of rugby.

Training wise, I've always been a beast in lower body, but my pressing has been shit. I might be able to bench 225.

I made the best progress of my life when I kept a log previously, and I know making one here won't be a mistake. So fuck it if the world doesn't need another training log, this one is for me.


As for my goals, I’m not sure where I want to end up for rugby, I haven’t thought that far ahead. I know I want to play pro hockey though. I know I want to learn swedish and maybe finnish to help in that endeavor too.