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Rudy for President?


Is this the next president of the United States?



You are really reaching!!!

That is a freaking hilarious skit.

Sounds like he has one hell of a sense of humor.

Oh, don't even think about passing judgement on anyone's personal life.

I remember who you voted for in 1992 and 1996.



Reaching is right.

On a more serious note, if he runs, I will probably have to vote for him. I take issue with him on some things, gun control foremost among them. However, he demonstrated something that almost no modern politician I can think of has... true leadership(after 9-11). He also did a hell of a job cleaning up NYC and never knelt to thugs like Al Sharpton and that Saudi Prince who was making snide comments along with his unwelcome donation.

Absent a true Goldwater-type conservative
showing up out of nowhere, Rudy is my best bet.


I like him better than most of the people in the race. I hope he gets the Republican nomination. Otherwise, I'll be voting Democrat. I can't stomach any of the other Republican hopefuls. But I don't like Hillary. And I don't know enough about Obama.

Is Biden going to run for the Dems? He is very intelligent and has some real policy ideas. And has experience that Obama lack. But I haven't really heard much about him lately.



I disagree about his intelligence:


Yes, he is running. As a Republican, I hope he gets the nomination. However, if I were you, I'd think about someone else.



Rudy dropped out of the Senate race against Hillary... he was down in the polls. He was going to lose. Think about it, a golden opportunity to defeat Hillary, which would have ended her political career forever (if you can't win locally, forget about running nationally). Rudy bowed out of the race.

Maybe 2008 will be a re-run of the NY senate race? Fine with me, because Hillary will knock Rudy's dick off. But Rudy doesn't have a prayer, no matter who the Democrats run.

And man, that little (R) after Rudy's name really lets guys like Jeff overlook things like Rudy's pro-gun control, pro-gay rights and pro-choice on abortion stance (and his cross-dressing). It's like Jeff's cheering for a football team, all he cares about the uniform, and cares nothing about the substance.

Vote Rudy! You'll get a president AND a first lady!!!


I love my lumpy/100meters/bradley:

You are nothing if not consistent.

Not to rain on your partisan parade, however, I do believe that he was ill at the time.


Stick to air america. You really don't understand physical illness.

It's just my opinion, but, I think effectively battling cancer is more important than politics.

Oh, if he was "afraid" of hillary, he wouldn't have run for the Senate in the first place. He sure wouldn't be running now. Remember, it's been the convential knowledge that rodham was the democratic likely nominee for about 3 years.

I truly do enjoy dumping cold water on your rhetoric.

It gets you steamed up.

I hope you don't swear at me!!!



Match up anyone you want with Hillary. She 's not going to win. Maybe in New York, but not nationally. There will be people voting for the republican canidate just because he's not Hillary.

On to Rudy. Did some good in NY. Especially his leadership throughout 9-11. However, pro-gun control? Pro-abortion? Won't vote for him because of those two thing alone (unless Hillary does get the nomination. Is he really fiscally conservative? He'd have to be for me to consider him. I'll vote libertarian, probably. But, if Hillary does get the nod, I'll vote for whoever is most likely to beat her.

I want a staunch Pro life (but otherwise social libertarian) fiscal conservative. Rudy doesn't fit the bill for me. Hillary damn sure doesn't.


Don't you guys agree that just like with ALL elections...this will boil down to which Base of Supporters will come out and Vote?

You know what I've noticed in the last few elections (going back to the one where Perot got 12% of the vote)...

The "against" someone Vote is a VERY weak vote. It still comes down to voting "for" someone.




I agree with you. When it comes down to it, most of the people who hate Hillary enough not to vote for her wouldn't be voting for her anyway. The remainder, meaning center/left of center voters who hate her, will mostly either suck it up and vote for her anyway when presented with the alternative, or else stay home. I think the number of people in that latter category will be very small though. If both candidates were on the extremes, then the middle might stay home, but she has positioned herself towards the middle on issues in preparation for the campaign.

As much as I despise her, I would pick her over Sam Brownback in a second. I think a majority of the centrist Hillary haters would do the same.

Why does every election year end up feeling like an inverse of Sophie's Choice?


I STILL say the "Clinton Machine" is just that...A MACHINE....



Rudy married his cousin, so he's going to pick up the all-important Inbreeder vote.

Plus, he'll get the Crossdresser vote.

I'm sure there is some overlap there.


Giuliani has done great things. He busted up the Mafia in NYC, he cleaned up that city more than anyone had before (or since), and he was there in the streets on 9/11, showing leadership unlike any president has since maybe FDR.

I don't care who he fucks or what his personal life looks like- I ain't paying him to be a fuckin Mormon. We pay the President for leadership, and I think that he could do it, provided that he doesn't change all his stances to fit more into the GOP and win primaries (which is a possibility).

I guess there's no way to explain this kind of stuff to someone who's not from around here, but his reactions on 9/11 still comes close to bringing tears to my eyes. He's a good man.



You made me think of something in your post...

I don't think that Gulliani's greatest challenge will come from the Dems!

I think that it will be defining himself during the GOP Primaries! The GOP candidates, more than any other, SEEM to be having the most difficulty with their "Traditional" base.



Opps, FI...

Can I assume that one guys is OFF your list...namely Romney?




Since 100meters has not posted in a while, you get the title as the most partisan hack.

Guliani is very moderate. HE should be the most palatable of all the Republican candidates to you but since his still calls himself a Republican you cannot help but blast him.

Very sad.



bradley is lumpy/100 meters. There are a select few "favored" individuals who have NEVER broken with their party on any issue.

If bradley isn't lumpy/100 meters, I'd be shocked.

However, I have to admit, I like the guy.

There are four principle reasons that I like bradley/lumpy/100 meters.

First, whatever stance he advocates, as long as I'm 180 degrees from it, I will be fine. He's a nice compass.

Second, He amuses me. It's fun pointing out his hypocrisy. For example, he likes to allege or highlight personal behavior issues regarding Republicans. It makes me laugh out loud after I remember him voting for billy boy. Another example is him attempting to insult others by calling them partisan hacks.

Third, he saves me time. I don't have to watch cnn or listen to npr to get the latest democratic tag-lines. Just read bradley.

Fourth, his swearing gets me excited. I cannot think of a tougher poster. It's nice to know that we are in the presence of such a towering figure.