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Rudy and the Hard Right



There is a fascinating development that I would like to discuss. As you know, I'm both Pro-Rudy and Anti-"tell me what to believe."

I'm also becoming more Republican as time goes on. However, there are some sterotypes that I chafe against.

One is the perception that the Republicans are dominated by religious fanatics.

Now, usually I laugh at the stupid little dem tag-lines and stereotypes. By and large, the criticisms are usually infantile and ill informed.

Once in a while, the tag-lines become ingrained in the minds of the ever elusive "moderate" voter.

Rudy appears to be on the verge of challenging the view of Republicans as stooges for the hard right.

Here is a fascinating piece discussing the recent meeting of some prominent Christian leaders.


Read both the article and the discussions afterward.

Personally, I think Rudy is the key to broadening the support for the Republicans. It's going to be hard to pigeonhole him as a pawn for any religious denomination.

Second, this article points out some of the very real dangers inherent in a rodham White House.

For those of you who chafe against voting for anyone pro-choice, I'd like you to think about the makeup of the courts under rodham.

This author is guessing THREE new vacancies.



A thrice married, pro-choice, pro-gay mariage, pro-gun control, cross dresser.

I'm sure the evangelicals and catholics will show up in groves to vote for him.

As much as I dislike Hilary, Rudy's a dick. A semi-liberal dick, but a dick none the less. If would admit that 9/11 wasn't just some random attack on freedom, I'd give him MUCH more consideration though.


Did you read the article?

Rudy is a "dick." That's exactly the appeal. Check lixy's response to him.

That should be reason number one for you to vote for him.

Oh, by the way, who cares about the personal life? If no laws were broken, what does it matter?



It doesn't matter. But try telling that to anyone remotely religious...


Rudy sux. Enuff said...


You guys give me way too much credit.


What does this mean? What is a Republican's political philosophy and what is involved in "becoming more" of it? Do you think Rudy can become more of a Republican just by repeating that statement over and over again?

Personally, I don't care what people call themselves. I care more about what they believe in and how they act in their personal lives. That said, I wouldn't even be comfortable having Rudy as a neighbor let alone my president.


I've been asking your side that same question for years.


Having failed marriages and dressing in drag for a joke is one hell of a lot different than sexually harrasing women (using your money) then denying them their day in court.

Imagine if it's your wife.

Hope I've cleared it up for you.




Yet you'd be cool with a communist.

It means that the dems are WORSENING over time.



Excellent analysis.

Thoughtful, well-articulated, and insightful.

rodham in 2008 and beyond!!!



Rudy likes to joke around, there's nothing to him dressing in drag.


Ahhh, you better stop Rudy, or people will start talking......


oh Rudy, come on you freaking flamer...


I wasn't talking about Clinton.

I'm talking more about the right's pension for policing the bedrooms of innocent citizens.



If Rudy is the nominee, will you pledge to remove this from your regurgitated talking points list?

In particular, remove the "Republicans are stooges of the far right" and "the Right's pension for policing the bedrooms of innocent citizens.?"

If Rudy gets the nod, then those things aren't of paramount importance to the Republicans.




You are a bigot and should be banned.



Guess this shows who will report ya to the mods if you're not on his side! You taking offense to the word "flamer" Jeffy?


Ummm, regurgitated talking points? I've mentioned it ONCE on this forum.

I said that?

If he gets the nod and that is no longer the case, I indeed will not say that.

Agreed to an extent, they're just further down the list of priorities.


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