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Rude Older People


So I am deadlifting in the gym and after my first set of 10x3 I go to get a quick drink and this older guy who looks about 6' 190lbs comes over and takes my clip for the weights....I look over at him wait for him to finish his bench (why he only had one clip on the bench at the time I dont know) and grab the clip back to put it back on mine and continue lifting. He looks at me like im some sort of disrespectful punk. What the hell.


Well, was your clip on the bar you were doing DL's with at the time the guy grabbed it?



Yes lol. I guess being young and small means Im not worthy of using the same shit as him.


Why do you need clips on the bar when you are deadlifting? For that matter what purpose do the clips serve in any lift, svae for maybe squats?


You are right, I don't NEED them but he needs them no more for his bench, it's the principle of it.


What the hell is a clip? Or are you referring to what I call "bar clamps"? If we're talking the same thing, I always use them, especially when doing DL's, to keep the plates from bouncing all over the place. And I've had older dudes steal them. Ugly, fat, older dudes.


This thread looks like it has a hint of...well.....AGE-ISM! Damn kids...and their clips.


So, you left the bar unattended and someone took a clip. What does age have to do with this? I have been using a dumbbell before, gone to get water and had someone take it. Should I blame their age? I tell them I was using it and continue my exercise. If you just took the clamp without any explanation as far as you using it first, maybe you WERE the disrespectful punk. Was he psychic? Was this some conspiracy to stop you from using any and all clips in the gym?


WTF? Prof is taking up for the geezers? You know I'm a geezer right? Of course you do.

Clamps are for kids anyhow. I like to hear the clanking sound during a DL. I wouldn't dare use them on the bench as I train alone, and if you've ever been pinned under the bar - you would never use clamps again.


It seems like some older people (I'm talkin 55+)do feel like they're entitled to whatever equipment I'm working on between sets. I say this because just the other day some dude moved my towel off the leg curl machine and did his own set then proceeded to do chins where I was squatting. He never said a word. And a week before that another guy decided to hop on the leg curl machine when I was between sets. I walk up and tell him he's welcome to work in if he'd like because I only have a couple more sets. He says "well I only had one more set but it looks like you're into it more than I am so go ahead". Gee thanks buddy.

OK I really don't know why I posted this. Guess it was to get out the repressed anger that I held in because I didn't want to disrespect a geezer. Carry on.


nothing compares to this next shit.

So i am doing my bench presses last week as part of a circuit. I get up to do my chins and come back to this trainer girl (kinda chunky BTW...not that it matters) and her client THAT HAVE MOVED MY TRAINING LOG AND WATER BOTTLE off of the bench i was using. Not only that, they took my weights off the bar, REMOVED THE BAR FROM THE BENCH and proceeded to do dumbbell flies! There are 5 benches in the free weight section for this and they come over and take my bench.... unbelievable.


I've found people rude at every age.

At the gym, I've seen younger people do dumbass stuff, and I've seen older people do dumbass stuff.

Similarly, I've seen some older people who are incredibly polite and courteous, and many teens who are incredibly polite and courteous.

Outside of the gym, same deal. I'll be in a store looking at a shelf, and someone will just step right in front of me and start going through the stuff as if I wasn't even there.

At the library, I can't believe how the high school aged people act. I was trying to read next to a girl who was talking on her cell phone UNDERNEATH a "no cell phones" and a "no talking" sign. UNDERNEATH IT. One of many similar incidents I experienced in a row.

But then on another day, an older guy comes in to a silent study room, and starts slamming things loudly, FARTS loudly, and so on.

So really, it's just people. There is an entire class of people out there who don't know how to act in public.

Reflect on your own personal "cell phone at the movies" experiences and you'll see this is true.


Cases like these make my ask myself if some people truly are asking to get a beating, even though uncounsciously.

How do you deal with these enlightened people, who probably never got answered appropriately? Personally, Id go for revenge and do the same thing to them, but theyre probably so dumb and have a nanosecond of attention span so they wont be able to connect the two events. Exactly like dogs. Give them feedback on the spot. But then again, thesevictims` will never tell you they were wrong to start with. Screw them ... with an olympic bar. ;0)


My experience tells me teens are worse than Boomers. I think rudeness in in. For at least a generation. That rude trend I hoped would pass really seems to be a generational thing. What do you expect of people who dont care about the impact of their appearance on others? Theyre only in it for themselves. And their parents made sure they were treated as kings and princesses, so that mold will be hard to break. Just send them to a Drill Sargeant for a couple of weeks. Maybe they`ll turn out ... better.


X I have done this, normally it is an extended water break but people in our gym have a real problem putting shit away. The one day I unloaded this kids Squat bar to do Deads.. lol. When he came back the other was empty so I helped load it back up. Atleast I was decent about it.


The thing is, it happens to everyone. You only have grounds to bitch and complain if you had your backpack and towel sitting on the bench and someone moved them to take your space. Clearly, in that case, someone was using the bench. Going for water and then bitching about the age of some guy who took your bar clamp makes no sense. Why would anyone think he KNEW it was being used? Going and taking the clamp back without any explanations is what sounds childish.

I heard one older man almost yelling at a girl who was sitting at another bench because he asked to work in with her and she said she only had one more set. It seems like some people, especially newbies, young or old, have no clue about gym etiquette. Yell at a girl? A cute one? Who was actually training hard and looked good while doing it? Dumbass.

Doing curls 3 inches from the dumbbell rack in front of the mirror as if no one else will be needing any dumbbells today is stupid. Yet I see many do this on a regular basis as if they don't understand the concept.

Jumping in front of the mirror to do your exercise when someone behind you may have been using the same mirror to monitor their form is retarded.

Taking someone's dumbbells when they have a towel on the machine, bench, or rack is stupid unless they have been gone for longer than 3-5 minutes.

There are tons more but it seems most don't even know these.


I had an old dude actualy pull the pin out of the weight stack while I was doing leg curls. He pulled the pin out and my legs slammed the pad into the safetys. I got up and proceeded to curse him untill some of the staff came over to see what was up. I thought I was going to get kicked out (not the first time I've thought that). I was sooo mad, I could have killed him.



I've had this same thing happens to me the only difference was well I was staring at this guy (late 30's early 40's) he proceeds to cuse me out for dropping the weight well he was right next to them and that he was going to go get me kicked out. The only reason I was is I was staff at the gym and they knew me better than to do that.

And since I made a comment about the baby boomers gen I'll also post one about my own. I'm going on the bench and just finish my 3rd set and a kid (16-17) walks up the bench I was using, the only one being used at the time and proceeds to strip my bar. I look at him and ask him what the hell he is doing. He just looks and said, "I'm working in and if u got a prob. I'll whop your @ss." I al most died at this comment. I'm only a few years older than he is but 6'1" 225 lbs against a 5'7" maybe 150 lb kid that thinks he is hot stuff. Just goes to show u have them everywhere and there isn't anything u can do.


Have the plates slide off the bar and you will never lift without clamps again!

As far as lifting alone, a power rack would be a wise invesment.


His point is, if you ever get trapped under the bar, having the ability to slide those weights off is a GOOD THING. Maybe some of you should simply learn to balance better.