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RUCK'n For Cardio


I need cardio in my workouts bad!!! It's hard to fit in due to my job and my NEEDING family. My wife and I take my daughter for walks 2-3 times a week and was wondering if I should throw on my 65lb ruck sack while we walk?

Do you guys think thatll be a good idea? And think it will shave off some fat with a diet?


If wearing a 65lb bergen makes you burn more calories and stimulates your metabolism then how would it not work ?


I have seven years experience under the giant green tick from north carolina. Because of the lower heart rate I think it is an extremly efficent fat burner. The down side is impact caused to the knees and shoulder strain.


When you're out for the walk you could sprint ahead of them then jog back and repeat. That will give you a great little HIIT workout. Adding resistance (weight) to a cardio workout isnt really what you should be looking to do.


Can't hurt. I plan on making a sandbag and using it when I hike with my wife and the dog.


Thats NOT a bad idea...thanks


This is essentially what Marines and soldiers do on conditioning hikes or "humps." It will definitely burn fat. You could even bump up the frequency and/or distance for abbreviated amounts of time to further increase the fat burning effects.

One caveat, do not run with any significant amount of weight on your back. That is asking for an injury.



drag a sled behind you