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Ruck Walk Recommendation?


49 years old, strength training the last 4 years. I use yours and Jim Wendler’s programs. I am currently in the second week of your Complete Power Look Program. Was 215 when I started 4 years ago. Down to 195. Much leaner and more muscular. Not to mention way stronger. Those programs work 100%. But I cannot get rid of my belly fat. Diet and cardio seemed to have hit a wall. I’m guess its about 10 to 15 lbs that just won’t come off. Someone suggested doing Ruck Walks so I started today. My question is how often would you recommend I do them if at all? If so could I do them on consecutive days or is it best to rest and recover?


I’d do them on your off days as a form of conditioning/active recovery, granted this is an actual walk and not a blistering hike. I walk to and from my office twice a week (pack is about 20 lbs) at about 4 miles round trip. I haven’t noticed any need to recover from this since it’s pretty light activity. When I get a weight vest I’ll start wearing that as well.