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Rubish 905 Deadlift @ 244


So this happened:


Used straps, doesn’t count. Also he’s probably on roidz and has squat briefs under his clothes. I’m being completely sarcastic thats amazing. Between this and the craziness Chris Duffin has been displaying lately I’m expecting a whole bunch of 900 lb deadlifts to fall in competition shortly.


God damn that was pretty smooth lift!




When is he competing? I’m assuming not Boss of Bosses?


He’s going to end up pulling 950 at sub 250. Straps or not, what the FUCK.


He is competing at Boss of Bosses, according to his facebook.


That will be quite a show then between him, Dan Green, and Kevin Oak. Not sure if DG will be at 220 or 242, but I’m hoping Oak keeps the 220 world record safe at home here on Long Island.


Is Hamilton competing?


I don’t know… i just tried to google the roster with no real luck. I know Oak, Green, Maliek Derstine (181), Rob Philippus (308), and Brandon Lilly (SHW) will be there. Other than that I don’t know.


Although seeing him pulling 900 + pounds in competition would be cool I don’t think he will

With the plates he uses the weight doesn’t come off the floor all together due to the bar bending.With the smaller plates in comp that’s not the case
He had the same issue some years back I think

Also he wears straps,so we don’t get to see if grip is an issue


Yuriy Belkin out-totals Kevin Oak and Dan Green @ 220, goes for Ed Coan’s DL record and misses it.

Tee Cummins falls with 826 on his back and finishes the meet.

Brandon Lilly totals over 1900 and goes 6/6, post-horrific knee injury.

Just a few snippets of what I’ve heard from BoB. Not sure what Rubish did.


I could not believe Tee completed the meet, his ankle fail on squats was crazy. Herd that BBBC (the powerlifting gym) flooded that night after the meet was over.


Didn’t hear about the flood, hopefully not too much damage. Sounds like it was an amazing meet. Lots of people sharing big respect for Cummins after that.

The battle of the 220’s is what everyone seems to be talking about.

As a fellow Long Islander I was rooting for Kevin Oak to retain the record, but damn. Belkin made all those lifts look so easy. He doesn’t even look like he’s in the same weight class as Oak and Green.


Ya he (Belkin) was so calm out there compared to the rest of the group. Such a good event to watch, my first Powerlifting “ppv” lol cost $10, was worth it.


Any idea what Rubish pulled? I’m guessing it wasn’t 900 or we would have heard…


848 second attempt got it, 865 had it but slipped out of one hand.


Did anyone else have a problem with them giving Kevin oak that last squat was it just me or could he not stand up fully with the weight


Ehhh I kinda see what you mean @Vincepac1500 and he did get one red. His legs were locked out just looks like his torso was about to cave or tip over