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Rubik's Cube


Anyone else learn how to solve one here? Kinda something me and a friend did for fun during early 2nd year of uni.


If the definition of "solving" here is "pulling all the stickers off and replacing them in a way that made it appear you completed the puzzle without cheating", then yes, I've completed the Rubik's Cube many times.


Haha, x2


In 30 years I've only ever gotten one side.
The last time I tried was 29 years ago.


I once drew a picture of a completed Rubik's Cube.... with all sides showing simultaneously.
Now THAT'S a tricky task!


I have....pulled the cube apart completely and put it back together solved. I'm pretty sure that counts, because it takes more effort than just pulling the stickers off.


You need to memorize about seven or eight algorithms I.e. set patterns and use them in an ordered way to solve it. I can do it in under a minute like that. YouTube it and you will see what I mean!


You're right. I saw a blindfolded Asian teen do it once.... really fast!


The gauntlet is thrown...


First of a 7-part series. Probably the easiest method for beginners.


Isn't the middle cube of each side the colour the side must be? Never solved one even with that in mind.


I solved these back in highschool. Honestly you could learn how to do it in a day. Very basic stuff. And yeah you match all of the colors to the middle piece. Normally jsut start with white and ge tthe top layer which yo can figure out without any instruction. Then follow a few more steps and boom! solved


Yeah, the most simple methods only require a small amount of algorithms, but to get much faster you need to know how to solve all of the possible cases for a given step, have logical steps within your method, and be able to track pieces while you perform algorithms/have very fast pattern recognition. Easy to learn, very hard to master.

This, not hard to learn and kinda cool to be able to do. I once sat at a bus stop solving my 5x5 cube and had a girl tell me something like "It's a pity girls aren't impressed by that stuff, or you'd pick up with it really easy."
She might have been sad that no one was trying to pick her up or even interested in talking to her...