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Rubbing Powdered Anastrozole On Skin: Less Side Effects Compared to Oral?

So I recently started both my ill dog and myself on TRT. I started following KSMan’s suggested protocol. I soon discovered that I was an Anastrozole over responder as I crashed my already low E2. In accordance with the above protocol I cut my dose to one fourth i.e. 0.125mg E3.5D. This too was high for me and I decided to cut it further to one eight.

Now there are no compounding pharmacies in the country where I am currently based and liquid Anastrozole is not available here. Dissolving Anastrozole in vodka and dosing accordingly does not sound very precise to me as there is a chance that the crushed Anastrozole tablets might not dissolve completely and this might result in incorrect dosing.

So I decided to cut the tablets to the smallest possible size. I aimed for 0.1mg as I knew that cutting to .0625mg would be extremely difficult given the very small size of the tablets. Now in the process of cutting that small tablet into ten pieces I inadvertently pulverised some of it and I absorbed it through my skin. I proceeded to finish dividing the tablets and I stored them for later use.

I had not taken any Anastrozole in the past three days and I was feeling relatively fine as my E2 had already recovered quite a bit from the time I crashed it a week back. But an hour later I was having joint pain again and I think I have crashed my E2 again from absorbing the Anastrozole through my skin. I didn’t even know it was possible to absorb Anastrozole through the skin but a simple Google search said otherwise.

Now I was wondering whether it could be healthier to always take Anastrozole in this manner, i.e. transdermally? Surely, it would put less strain on my organs and it would probably be far less hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic compared to taking it orally?

What is your e2? Should you even be messing with an AI if you are crashing your estrogen at those doses?

The other part of your question, I cant speak about. I think the liquid/alcohol method is fairly accurate as long as you crush the pill enough and shake it up well before drawing it up.


My E2 was 5.00 pg/ml (Range: 25.8 - 60.7) the day before I started TRT exactly ten days back.

I had been wondering the exact same thing, that is whether I should even be taking an AI in the first place. I even created a thread to ask the experts but I didn’t get a clear answer.

Your E2 is a 5 on a scale of (25-60)? Im assuming you started messing with an AI because you thought you would get E2 problems.

DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE AI unless you have bloods confirming your e2 is high.

What is your protocol? You said you started 10 days ago?

A protocol looks something like this, 200mg 0.5mL E3.5D, this would be 100mg twice weekly.


Yes it is 5 on a scale of 25-60. The reason I started an AI in the first place and the reason I want to continue it at an ultra low dose is that I am paranoid about getting gynecomastia.

I started TRT on the 16th of December. My protocol is 50mg Test Enanthate E3.5D + 250IU Hcg EOD + 0.1mg Anastrozole E3.5D. I take the Anastrozole with my testosterone injection. I took a .5mg dose the first time and a 0.125mg dose the second time.


The “0.125mg E3.5D” refers to the Anastrozole.

Again, you should check your e2 before you completely fuck yourself into low e2 oblivion.

Are you even having high e2 sides?

You’ve been on testosterone for 10 days, probably not even enough time to tell if you will or not.

I felt like pure garbage 10 days on TRT, I felt like pure crap for a month. Then I slowly started feel better and even 8 months later I’m still continuing to show improvement. Even now after a dosage change it usually takes a month to feel these dose changes end up being good or bad. I took calcium D glucarate 3 days in a row when I had high E2 symptoms, I over responded to it in a short time and started feeling low E2 days later.

My liver clears out E2 fast! The problem with E2 is you don’t feel the increase or decrease in E2 levels right away, there’s a huge delay between when you get high E2 and when you start feeling it. Your E2 could rise in the beginning of the week and you won’t even feel it till the end of the week.


Thank you for your guidance. I think you are right. I was feeling much better the first three days after starting TRT as I had not taken Anastrozole till then.


I felt great the first day, even better the third day when I decided to add Hcg because by testicles had started shrinking within just 48 hours. I added Anastrozole on the fourth day and since then I don’t feel as good.

When your testes start shrinking, libido/erection go away and you got acne, you know it’s high E2.


My testicles started shrinking within 48 hours of starting TRT. I got myself tested a day before I started, so my E2 was 5.00 pg/ml ,72 hours before testicular atrophy. I highly doubt that I had high E2 when that happened. In fact I don’t think I have ever had high E2 since I started TRT.

I’m sorry I should have been more clear, once your body has adjusted to TRT you testes will start hanging again (hopefully) and if you should ever notice you feel a little funny (head in a bubble) and your testes start pulling up you know it’s an E2 problem. I don’t know how my testes are even hanging now because before TRT they were just gone like someone just snipped them off. I’m not on HCG or an AI. 80mg weekly split EOD seems like my sweet spot.

You may not even need an AI, usually guys don’t start taking AI’s until there’s proof that you even need one.