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Rubberized Plates

Are those plates that have the rubber shells(not bumpers, just olympic plates) the same weight that is printed on them? I had someone trying to tell me that the 45s were actually 47.5 lbs. I would have assumed that the manufacturer would have taken into account the weight of the rubber. I would have weighed one, but the scale at the gym was broken. Anyone know???

the person who said this seems to be a moron

but i will say most barbells, plates are not calibrated to the exact poundage that is advertised, most are off by a few ounces maybe more in some instances…

except of course eleiko, which is spot on…of course you get what you pay for

Ivanko goes out of their way to make sure their rubberized plates are the correct weight.

The Leoko (sp?) ones are calibrated too.

not only is the person that said that a moron…

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