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Rubber VS Wood Sole


I'm eyeing weightlifting shoes from Do-Win because they're affordable. Currently there are two models offered (here) with the material used to raise the heel as the functional difference. One is made from rubber and the other is made from laminated wood. Is there any noticeable difference between the two? Which one do you prefer?


Also, will the wooden one make loud noise when you walk with them? I remember one weightlifter walking while wearing wood bottomed shoes and the sound was like a woman walking with high heels.


I've no idea. I've only had one pair for 3 years now.


Rubber or wood?


both of mine are wood. they have a fairly thin layer of some kind of rubber or whatever on the outside of the wood, though, so they don't make weird clog sounds lol.


the bottomest layer is rubber about half a CM or 1/4 inch high but the rest of it above that is wood.


Hmm I think I'll buy the wood one because it just looks better lol:



I prefer wooden soles over any other material.