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Rubber Top Came Off Sust Mid Cycle

So I’ve never seen this but I’m freaking out. For some reason the rubber top on my SP labs gear, came off while unattended, and ai lost st least half my cycle, mid cycle! What should I do? I have a brand new bottle of Test E at the house, I have access to a full bottle of Deca (with a dbol pill jumpstart) and ai also have the ability to order a new.bottle of Sust, which would take at least a week to 10 days (in a perfect world). What do I do guys?!!! Im freakin out! Just when ai started getting yolked!

Sustanon has a long half life. Order another vial, you’ll be fine. FYI, this is why you always buy more than you need. It’s easy to drop a vial or make a mistake somewhere along the way.

How does the rubber top just magically come off while unattended then hf the bottle dissappear. If I were you I’d be more worried about how that happened than anything else

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Well I think in retrospect I took the whole aluminum cap-thingy off, only leaving the the rubber “cork” for lack of a better metaphor. Whilst traveling in a bag, the piece just came off and thus the liquid emptied out.

Well that explains that.

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So what you’re saying is that you removed the device that holds the rubber seal in the bottle, threw the vial in a bag, and are now confused as to how the vial may have lost some of it’s contents?

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Lol. Did you think it was like a wine bottle? You had to remove all the metal to pop the cork?

I’m guessing he was trying to avoid a metal detector?

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Lol. I love the people (not all of you) who just cant help but try and “one-up” "Haha look how stupid you are and smart I am. I was never confused as to what happened, so you guys trying to mock me are making a non-point. It had been a couple of years since I used gear, so when I got the initial bottle of sust, I must have taken off all of the aluminum thinking it was all one piece that needed to be removed. But if you guys can go check my new post on Different Sustanon blends, I could really use your input. Thanks, fellas!

Chill out bro! We’re just messing with you. Don’t go getting your compression shorts in a bunch!


I’m soooo chill. Wasnt talkin bout you my man, just the dude who cant stop talking about how confused I was. It’s all Gucci. But go check out my other post on Sustanon blends. I need all the help I can get

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