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Rubber Plates OK for O-Lifting in Garage



I got a good quote on a lot of these type of plates (eurosport rubber plates).
My commerical gym has the same plates but coloured and in Kilos.

250kgs refurbished plates and OL bar 680kg tolerance for £400 inculding delivery.
It seems so good I am tempted to buy, even if I can't drop the weights.

The gym plates seem OK for the most part. Some are a little split.

Would the plates stand up to being dropped from overhead.
It would only be me using the plates and I would try to avoid dropping barring the odd deadlift PR and missed lifts?

Any advice appreciated guys.


Those aren’t bumper plates so I wouldn’t use them for oly lifts- you’ll wreck your bar and the plates may not last.


If you’re in the UK you should go to strengthshop.co.uk and buy some bumpers.


No they would not stand up to much dropping.

See the gaps along the edge? These wilL SMASH to pieces from about 2M after less then 10 drops imo if you had some weights on the bar…



Consider those just as normal metal plates, minus the clanking noise.