Rubber Particles in Vial?!

today I spotted 2 particles in my testosterone vial that must have fall in when I used too big of a needle to draw the testosterone.
I‘m careful no to not draw it out because injecting that would be dangerous.
But my question now is, is there any other risk with these particles swimming in the testosterone ? Can they make the test go „bad“ so that it doesn’t work anymore ? Or will the test stay unchanged and I just have to be careful to not inject this particles with the test ?


Bunch of questions,

What size vial? How many injections are you getting from it weekly? What size needle are you using to draw with?

They could be rubber pieces. I think they would only be dangerous if you inject them into your body. Would probably cause an abscess and infection requiring antibiotics and a Dr. digging out the rubber with a long pair of needle nosed pliars. I doubt they cause any harm to the Test. The Test comes into contact with the rubber if the bottle is shaken or sloshed about.

I only use 200mg/ ml. So that means I am only drawing from the same bottle twice per week, then a brand new bottle is opened. I was drawing with an 18 or 21g needle. But after reading from the forums here, I just draw and inject with the same 23 or 25g needle now.
I have never seen anything in a vial.