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Rubber Guard Stretches


So I've ransacked the Internet and searched the website and I can't seem to find anything specifically on stretching for Rubber Guard. If someone could post some links or ideas, that would be a great help. I know that Eddie Bravo has some advice on this in his books, but finding his books in real life is a struggle for me.



here's a stretch i do a lot: http://www.drillsandskills.com/stretching/Glute/gt002

also, butterfly, deep lunges, etc.




If those two don't help, just youtube eddie bravo rubber guard. I've seen a few things on there.


No offense but you didn't look very hard at all did you :slight_smile:



Everything else:



Eddie Bravo also has a book "Mastering The Rubber Guard" It has alot of stretches in and techniques


I do those a lot, along with the butterfly as well. Thanks though. I'll work some deep lunges into my stretching routine as well.


Haha, I do know about online shopping. I just meant that I've had trouble finding his books in bookstores. I don't have a credit or debit card and my mother is not very supportive of 'unnecessary' spending.


Well, never seen that one. I've really only been on the Submissions101 YouTube page because I thought they were 10th Planet affiliated and so they would have all the videos. Big mistake it seems. =)

It says this one was private?


Hmm, I wonder who posted this...
I've seen this one before, and I actually looked it up in order to relieve a little lower back pain, but it should work well for rubber guard as well.

Everything else:


Everything I need in one spot. Thanks!