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Rubber Floaties from Vial Lid Sphincters


Annoyingly enough the rubber sphincters on the top of my vials seem to have torn off in very small pieces with multiple penetrations via abuse from the 18g drawing needles. Anyone else experienced this and been worried about drawing up the rubber? If I were to accidentally draw up and inject a tiny piece, would my immune system be able to degrades the rubber or could infection result?



I am no expert but I would say that if you inj a piece of rubber you could have some issues. Now, I have also seen this happen with my gear, I try to position the floatie so it will not be a problem and I think it's HIGHLY improbable that the small piece would fit into the aperture of the needle itself. Now I draw with 23's and shoot w/ 25's though. There's something excellent about shooting with a 5/8" 25 gauge...


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Suck out the rubber with a needle/syringe, if you dont think you can do that then filter the product.

If none of the above work then fire the vial in the garbage. Its not worth injecting pieces of rubber into your muscles.


thx for the bits of advice. didnt think to go hunting but def will.

18G, well my source was kind enough to include everything I needed for my cycle including the syringes which included 18g drawing needles and 22g for IM. So, I went with it. Works just fine aside from tearing the rubber up. shrug


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I must admit that I used to use 18s for the same purpose but have now moved to 20s for drawing.


Second the suck it out with a syringe.


I would filter the whole batch and put it in a new sterile vial and then draw with a 21G from now on.

Just draw out all the oil into a big barrel, then change the needle to a filter needle (w/5 micron for example) and shoot it into a fresh vial that can be has at most pharmacies for a couple of bucks.


Does that make me a wuss then... I draw with 1" 23's and shoot with 5/8" 25's haha mosquito bites