Rubber Arm Sleeves

Christian, what are the name of those rubber arm sleeves you’re wearing in this article photo ( Skin shearing is the only reason Zercher squats were 86’d years ago, but I can’t find any product like that online. Only compression sleeves are coming up.
Thanks for any help.

If you have interest in a cheap alternative I’ve been using a foam pool noodle that I cut down the center and essentially “clip on” to the bar. It’s not perfect but it works and they’re like $2 while you’re hunting for the rubber sleeves.

Oh good idea! Thanks man. I use the same method to protect my door frames
with pullups bars and to add bar girth for mimicking progressing fat bars

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Those were Tommy Kono sleaves (they are actually knee sleaves). At the moment I’m using elbow sleaves from Hyperforce Strength Athletics

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Alright, thanks for the response and info man. I’ll check them out.

I love my TKs

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