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Rubber Arm Sleeves


Christian, what are the name of those rubber arm sleeves you’re wearing in this article photo (https://biotest.t-nation.com/articles/tip-build-an-ironclad-midsection)? Skin shearing is the only reason Zercher squats were 86’d years ago, but I can’t find any product like that online. Only compression sleeves are coming up.
Thanks for any help.


If you have interest in a cheap alternative I’ve been using a foam pool noodle that I cut down the center and essentially “clip on” to the bar. It’s not perfect but it works and they’re like $2 while you’re hunting for the rubber sleeves.


Oh good idea! Thanks man. I use the same method to protect my door frames
with pullups bars and to add bar girth for mimicking progressing fat bars


Those were Tommy Kono sleaves (they are actually knee sleaves). At the moment I’m using elbow sleaves from Hyperforce Strength Athletics


Alright, thanks for the response and info man. I’ll check them out.


I love my TKs