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Ru58841, Finasteride, and Minoxidil to Keep Hair on Low Dose Test

Hey guys if someome can please help me will 50mg of Ru58841 ed with 1mg finasteride and minoxidil keep my hair on a 250mg pw test cycle

I wouldn’t consider this a cycle. That’s more like TRT+

Do you have hair loss to begin with? If yes then this would probably help but I think you should be careful with finasteride if minoxidil does the job. If you don’t have hair loss, you should definitely wait before jumping on stuff. Some guys hair is just fine on a test cycle.

I think the RU and Finasteride on a test only cycle is overkill. RU doesn’t block DHT very well. It will block test, but the test is not nearly as hard on hair as DHT. Basically, for a test only cycle the Finasteride will get you 95% of the hair loss prevention and the RU will be about 5%.

With other compounds RU can make sense as the compound itself can be a large driver of hair loss. Primo for example. Finasteride will do hardly anything, but RU will.

@lordgains and others can flame me for my vanity, but I am trying micro dose Finasteride (0.25 mg ED). I haven’t gotten any sides, but only like a week in. Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried hair, but I am. The hair is still significantly above average for my age, but it looks like a bit on the crown is thinning just a tad. I’ll bail if I get sides, but many men (a large majority) don’t get noticeable side effects on the drug. If it works with no sides, it is a no brainer IMO.

I don’t know why I would. If you don’t have hair loss it’s overkill but if you have, it’s your choice to make. The chances of PFS are relatively low. But if it isn’t necessary, then I wouldn’t take the risk in this case even if it’s low.

It is a balance. I am not super prone to hair loss (you wouldn’t think I had any looking at me), but I do think just a bit has thinned on the crown. I think blasting and cruising is not the best on the hair (even if one has good hair genetics). I don’t think hair genetics are either good or bad. I think it is a spectrum. I think those with goodish hair genetics who wouldn’t normally go bald may while blasting and cruising.

I’ve been trying to get as much info on the drug as possible. A few things stood out that make sense to me.

First: many of the guys with issues didn’t have elevated DHT, they were just very prone to hair loss. Using Finasteride crushed their DHT to near nothing, and caused issues. My DHT on TRT is above range. Based on how much Finasteride lowers DHT (up to 70%), I will still be over my pre TRT DHT level.

Second: it seems that the recommended dose of 1 mg is too much (in that for most guys they could get the same reduction of DHT or very similar with a lot less). Does Finasteride do anything for hair other than lower DHT? Taking 1 mg 3X a week seems about as effective to many experts. I am taking 1.75 mg/wk. Research says that dose will lower DHT about 60% (vs 70% with the 1 mg).

Third: I think many of the guys with long lasting PFS are actually hypogonadal. I don’t think there has been irreversible PFS with guys on exogenous Test. Not sure if the Finasteride caused the hypogonadism?

Fourth: With most drugs negatives are reported, and positives are underreported compared with the negatives. Especially on forums, this leads one to believe that the drug is worse than is justified.

I am not expert here. Just some thoughts on the drug, and I think using it during blast and cruise is worth a trial. I say trial, because I wouldn’t commit to it. But if i don’t get any sides, it is a win. If this works out for me, I don’t think I would really see a need for any of the exotic compounds. Just high test with some mild orals. If one can take 60-70% of the androgenic component out of test without sides, I don’t know what other compounds could compete with that. Primo or mast sure wouldn’t as they are super androgenic in regards to hair despite their low androgenic rating. I would bet high test with a bit of Finasteride would be better on lipids than using low Test and high Primo if the gains are the same between both groups.


Hey @mnben87 I thought I’d check in on your finasteride experiment. I remember you saying you had some problems. Did you stop or try it again? How was your experience?

I did stop it, and haven’t started it again. I am not sure though on the cause of my issues (going soft). Maybe it was the finasteride, but while I was taking it, I had a period of super high libido (and was watching too much adult entertainment, 3-4X a day). I think that is definitely a potential culprit of my going soft during sex issue. I almost think that is the more likely culprit, because usually with the finasteride it seems the limp dick is usually accompanied with a low libido.

Now I have cut down the porn, and added Cialis, so I am back to stallion mode. Really I should cut the porn completely.

I’ll probably give it another run at 0.5 mg EOD. If it was the finasteride, I recovered pretty quickly 2-3 weeks, but I also cut the porn down (about 1/4 of previous use). Maybe it was both? Too many variables to sort it out, but when you go limp a few times, you try everything at once, and disregard the scientific aspect.

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3-4x a day is such an excessive amount that I wouldn’t even get it up. At the highest I was at once per day which gave me slight ED and especially libido problems.

I’d speculate therefore it was the ‘adult entertainment’.

Looking forward to further trials :smiley:

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Yeah, just porn lol. But lowering porn and stopping the finasteride helped a lot. No more ed. Probably most of the effect was the porn.

How long does it take for slight hairline recession to become seriously noticeable? AsKiNg FoR a FrIeNd

Not too concerned, I have to deal with more worrisome variables on a daily basis. Chronic pain… for instance, is FAR more annoying

“too much” is an understatement. Do you have a particularly addictive personality? How many minutes did you spend per day watching porn? Easy way to cut down use is to install a porn blocker. You can disable it, but takes a concerted effort… more effort to access the material.


Not a bad idea. I am down to 1-2X, but should try for 0-1X. As far as minutes, I don’t really know. Currently a guess would be 15-20 minutes/day.

Are we talking hardcore porn (videos)… Gifs of naked women, playboy or softcore pornography?

Porn with a story (like the old stuff that included character development, foreplay… General buildup) or the type of mainstream pornography that thrusts you straight into the action…

There’s a spectrum pertaining to how damaging porn has the potential to be. There is some literature hinting at excess patterns of use leading to a degree of dopaminergic dysregulation. There are similarities re the pleasure centres in the brain that light up when viewing porn… And the pleasure centres that light up through the use of addictive drugs.

But to my knowledge I’ve never seen data indicative watching porn is associated with say… Altered delta fos B expression and whatnot.

Is pornography addictive? Perhaps for some… I don’t believe watching porn is “good for you”, but it appears the vast majority can get away with it without major systemic ramifications. Rather I believe there is a subset of those who are prone to developing compulsive habits who tend to get hooked on porn… Using it as an outlet to either destress or escape.

The sexual dysfunction mediated by porn is real, but is once again individualistic… It appears far fewer people get hooked on porn relative to say… Alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines etc.

For someone such as yourself… I don’t think frequently watching porn is a good idea. Some people simply can regulate themselves.

I’d argue watching porn from a young age as is common today isn’t good not due to the potential for addiction, but because it may lead to unrealistic expectations as to what sex is really like. Sources like makelovenotporn are far better alternatives for those who are curious, but I believe the aforementioned example requires a membership.

Porn is… Porn… It looks great, but in reality what “looks” great doesn’t always feel as good as it looks. Camera angles, positions shown etc are designed to maximise what the viewer can “see”, but in real life many of these positions/acts are either tiresome, unsafe or impractical.

I don’t think I am doing this. I have a high libido, and my wife physically can’t keep up. I could go to imagination land, which is probably better on the brain than porn.

Mix of stuff.

I do agree, it is too much, and previously was way too much. The lowering of the consumption of it (and potentially stopping the finasteride) cured my issues.

I should try the finasteride again to see if that was causing my ED. I also worry though that it caused libido to go up? I don’t want extra libido.

I have a very addictive personality, too. I can’t do things not excessively. I found out the only way I can keep it at minimal levels is to quit completely. I guess with an addictive personality you have to treat addictive stuff like an ex alcoholic treats a glass of wine for dinner. Don’t even think about touching it :smiley:

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What about an in between?

There are websites where you can look at playboy centrefolds, also still images from magazines like hustler but they’re considerably more explicit.

Many lingerie catalogues, swimsuit magazines etc might also do the trick. When I was younger (say 14) I’d use either sports illustrated or a Playboy (big one, almost all pictures! Collector’s edition! Best of Brazil!!!) magazine

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Not a bad idea. I could try that out. An in between could also be instead of 3-4X a day porn, 1X a day, and the other being imagination land. I can get pretty creative lol.

Would feel really nostalgic with this one. Also kinda creepy.

Desparate times call for desparate measures

Due to long term antidepressant use my libido/erection quality is absolutely shot. Only substance that has ever been able to penetrate this side effect for me was masteron and/or higher dose testosterone. But for me high test is rifle with side effects. Exacerbated autonomic dysfunction, fluid retention, acne etc.

It’s fairly demoralising, stops me from getting into the dating game… There ain’t shit I can do about it either, I can’t “go off” because I need them and antidepressant discontinuation syndrome isn’t fun either… Albeit not as bad as the withdrawl I’ve gotten from other meds I’ve taken. Beta blocker withdrawl etc is worse imo

Fairly sure it’s not just the anti depressants, but they seem to be the prime culprit. I take other meds that are also implicated with sexual dysfunction.

I haven’t taken masteron in over a year…

Is this legal? Or is it a grey area

Are you taking this orally? This stuff taken orally will act as an antagonist of the AR… Not something you’d want on cycle/trt as it’d counteract the effects mediated by AAS