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RTS System?

I’ve been searching for new programs and came across this one. After a few days of researching it seems like a solid program, but there hasn’t been many recent reviews that I could find. All the reviews and articles I’ve found are from 09-10 year range. Does anyone have any first hand experience or more recent research that I could read somewhere?

I’ve only been lifting for 2.5 years now, but I’ve hit a hard wall and am looking for some more experince / knowledge to get me over them. His deal of coaching for $35 a week isn’t bad… I just want to get over this wall and learn some more advanced stuff…

Thx for any help…


I have the book, and while I’ve never run a full “block” of RTS training, I’ve incorporated several of his ideas, such as fatigue percents/stops, and some of his set/rep suggestions for each RPE. It’s well worth buying the book

Get the book. It’s cheap and the basic template is extremely easy to learn. I really like RTS because it is versatile. As long as you understand the RPE system you can use fatigue percents, fatigue stops, concentrated loading, etc.

Basically the main goal of RTS is to get you to start tracking your training, and eventually get you to the point that you can train yourself with the methods that are most effective for you.

Thanks for the input…

So it isn’t so much a lifting program that he has developed ( like Smolov, 5-3-1 etc… ) its more of a strategy.


My deadlift has gone from 515 to 555 in 10 weeks so far with RTS. The 555 was @9 RPE also so more left. Test day coming up this Friday. My squat has increased to a lesser extent and I haven’t been able to bench because of elbow problems. The squat increased less because I ran a few weeks with oly shoes before realizing they weren’t for me. The highest I’ve ever gotten my bench though was with RTS principles and I can’t wait for this elbow to be 100% to run this cycle I’ve set up again.

Of note, it took me 2 years and 2 months to put 100 lbs on my deadlift (455-555). So that 40 lbs in 10 weeks was where most of it came from. Try it out.

Mike knows his shit and if you know your body the program will work wonders for you