RT_Nomad's 73 and Surge

This will be my first ever training log after 54 years of lifting weights. I do have numerous joint limitations and seem to be losing my battle against sarcopenia. Currently I weigh between 198 and 202lbs just before my evening shower after dinner. I haven’t been able to get a pump in years, but I can achieve a burn with high reps approaching failure.

I am ready yo attempt the Surge Challenge.
I have been taking Surge Workout Fuel before-during-after training for the last 2+ weeks, working out 4 days/wk (Legs, off, Upper-body, off, Legs, Upper-body, off)

It was leg day and I decided to use Surge as prescribed before-during-after.
I tried the Pump Phase-Stimulate Phase-Flutter Phase on leg press. My artificial hips keeps the weight below my strength capabilities, but I could feel my quads begin to burn during the Stimulate Phase.

A negative experience was that my strength on the seated leg curl dropped, as I do that exercise after leg press. Maybe my hamstrings were fatigued some during the leg press. Jury is out for now.

But Monday will be the “Purge” before the Surge, as I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday morning at 8:30am. I will probably miss that workout day. At least I will be cleansed prior to the Surge Challenge.


Today (6/20/22) was Workout 1

Thighs went reasonably, but it was taking about 18 seconds between the leg extension and curl machines. Then about 18 seconds from Leg Press to Leg Extension, plus 18 seconds back to Leg Curl machine. The flutter went well. I got a fair pump (see the thread Surge Challenge -New Muscle for further explanation as to “fair” pump.)

Lats went okay. I got a little bit of a pump, and I seemed to have gauged the weights okay.

Triceps worked really well. It felt like the best pump that I have ever had, even though my arms are considerably smaller than when I was younger. I had forgotten the exact routine, but did the following:

  • Seated triceps machine
  • Seated dip machine
  • Seated triceps machine


  • Seated dip machine


  • Seated triceps machine

I haven’t done forearms in 25 years. I got a real nice pump with 65lb bar.

It took about 35 minutes to complete. I got started without checking the time, so it’s just a guess.

I woke up with soreness in my lower lats. It is a nice feeling.

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I completed Workout Number 3.
The chest pump was just so so
The bicep pump felt nice
And once again the triceps pump was really nice.
Doing legs last was a true challenge still huffing and puffing from the three previous blocks, but the pump was fantastic. I waddled out of the gym.

My weight gain was statistically significant. Notice the Special Causes starting 6/22/22.


Because there was a significant change in the process I established Stages.


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Upon waking this morning my quads felt slightly sore and full. That Leg Block was very effective, even at the end of the workout, IMO.

Even at 8:00pm my quads are getting a little more sore.

This morning (6/27/22) the quad soreness subsided, but my hips and upper, outer thighs were quite sore

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6/27/22: Workout Number 4

I feel like a did nice at choosing weights, but it was by far the least taxing workout so far.

On the down side I increased weight on seated wrist curls and strained the underside of my right wrist near the thumb. I could still perform the exercises, but with a little discomfort.

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6/30/22: Workout Number 5

The soreness in my legs and hips had just subsided from Workout Number 3 when Workout Number 5 rolled around. It was another very nice feeling of fullness.

Chest went as well as a chest workout can for me. I had nice selection of weights.

On biceps I upped the weight and it was a struggle to complete the first pump set. I decided to keep the remainder of biceps workout weights as Workout Number 3 to finish the block. My arms felt full and forearms were already getting a pump.

On forearms I dropped back to Workout Number 1 weights. I will stay there until my forearm pain is gone. With only slight discomfort the forearm Block went very well. The veins in my forearm have increased in size as I can remember them 10 years ago. Surge has been the difference in the size of my forearm veins.

I will update body weight chart after Workout Number 6.

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7/2/22 The morning of Workout #6, my glutes and upper, outer, rear thighs are slightly tight feeling. I believe this leg training strategy is far superior to the one I have been doing since my hip replacement surgeries. (maybe the Surge is the primary variable, but I wouldn’t eliminate the training strategy)

I should note that my wide foot placement is extremely wide, with my toes pointing 180 degrees from one another. I need to move the plates out to allow my toes to rest on the bar that holds the plates. The leg press plate comes down with my legs much wider than sumo style. I do the entire Block on the leg press machine, as getting a squat rack and leg press simultaneously is highly unlikely. I have no “rest period” problems. I do the narrow and medium foot placement rather high on the plate do to patella tendon issues and consequently involves more hamstrings.


7/2/22 Workout #6

I had been having trouble getting a hamstring machine anywhere near a 10 second rest period in either the Thigh or Calves Block. So decided to improvise a little (maybe it was a lot):
I did the Thigh Block like a quad block, only using the leg extension and leg press. I should note that my patella tendon isn’t quite as tender as before, and I was able to add a plate. Might there be an answer to that associated with Surge?
A minute afterwards I did my version of a hamstring block:
Pump: seated leg curl 8 reps, hyper-extension lifting with my hamstrings 8 reps, seated leg curl 8 reps.
Stimulate: seated leg curl 8 reps
Flutter: seated leg curl 20 seconds.

I was wobbling after those two “blocks”

My Shoulder Block is limited in that I cannot raise my left arm even close to overhead; only about ear-high. I use a Hammer style seated row with the seat at the lowest position and use the highest handle and pull with my elbows high, hitting my upper traps and rear delts. The middle Pump exercise was the shrug.

The Calves Block went well with a nice pump.

The Chest Block went very well. For now I have the proper weights dialed in.

My updated body weight chart is showing nearly a 4 lb weight gain using the Surge Challenge protocol. I am very pleased with the results ending Phase 1.

My triceps seem to have doubled in size when flexed by side. As stated before my forearm veins are noticeably larger. And my upper thighs have noticeably increased in fullness. I have had muscle wasting of my vastus near the insertion (above the knee). It would be nice to see the quads appear larger.



I like this style of leg training, too. I’ve noticed that I feel way less beat up than when doing 5 x 5 or 10 x 3. I also feel like I move better.

What were you doing before?

With artificial hips I am limited to quite light weight.

I was doing either one rep every 6 seconds (5 seconds down, very slight pause followed with as fast a positive as I could) for two minutes and for two sets or 30-10-30 for two sets. Both on leg press machine.

A significant difference is that I was never trying to get a pump. Plus the obvious: there was no Surge

7/4/22 Workout #7

This was a rather easy workout, but plenty of fun. I was able to complete without disrupting any “rest period”. All equipment was available. I seemed to get through in around 30 minutes, feeling strong the entire workout. But at the end, as was catching my breath, I felt exhausted. This lasted about 5 minutes.

7/7/22 Workout #8

Shoulders seemed to go a little better today. Got a nice tired feeling in my rear delts.

Calves seem too easy to complete, but that has been the case for all the times I do the Calves Block.

Legs went near perfect. I felt a good pump and picked the weights well.
(note: I feel a slight soreness in my hips and upper, outer thighs 7/8/22 upon waking.)

Chest went okay, but not as well as previous Chest Block workouts. Maybe “post-leg” training that workout took a lot out of me, plus that section of the gym the AC was broken. Maybe that was most of the feeling.


On Sunday, 7/10/22 I encountered a huge obstacle to my training. I was hospitalized with an infection in my left leg (calf area) and a blood clot in that calf area. I might get discharged on Thursday.

I might be able to get back in the gym by Saturday, but I probably won’t be near 100% until Monday. If that happens I will have missed a week of the Surge Challenge, Surge included

Any suggestions?

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Very sorry to hear about this. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Back to posting on my training log. Today is 7/22/22

Workout #9 was done on 7/9/22
I forgot the details, but I remember that the workout went well.

I updated my bodyweight Control Chart:


As you can see that I increased my bodyweight from 199.7lbs to 203.7lbs. (a 4lb gain in 3 weeks at age 73)

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I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday (7/10/22) with an infection and a blood clot. I was discharged on Thursday (7/14/22).

On Saturday I went back to the gym and tried a couple sets on all body parts to check my general strength. I seemed I lost very little if any strength.

I decided to restart the Surge Challenger where I left off on Monday (7/18/22) with Workout #10