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RSS and Maximal Strength Technique Questions


I noticed in another thread there was a question regarding implementing doubles/triples instead of singles for Russian Strength Skill. Personally, I don't know why this is always the case, but my form 80% and below of my TM is always perfect but the moment I get a little higher (even 85%) it goes to crap. I don't want to reinforce bad habits or anything, so I want to try using RSS with more reps/lower %'s.

In a thread, I noticed you had someone replace the singles of 85% with triples of 75% and to start off at 4x3 and work up to 8x3 (but that only covers 5 workouts) which sounds perfect to me. Just for clarification, would the system go like this then?

Workout 1: 4x3 @ 75% TM
Workout 2: 5x3
Workout 3: 6x3
Workout 4: 7x3
Workout 5: 8x3
Workout 6: 9x3

Also, as stated above, I have problems over 80% of my TM being "perfect". I know not everything can be perfect, but is there any way to help my ability to lift with better technique at higher percentiles?