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Anyone try RSOC’s EQ Prop? How were your gains? Shots painful?

I am using it now. It is the best Eq I’ve used. PL included.
No does not hurt at all. And kicks in today not 2 weeks.

Awesome. How long have you been on at what dosage and what kind of gains have you seen? How frequently are you injecting?

Is that equipoise propionate ester?! Didn’t even know anyone made it.

I am doing 400mgs a week injecting mon and thurs. I am also doing Rsoc sus at 600 wk and dbol at 25mgs a day. Just started, and I am no novice so I haven’t really seen any weight gain yet. I’ve actually lost weight due to the Easter holiday. Fucks up my eating schedule. But I’ve noticed strength improvement already and just feel better overall.

I like this one a lot too.

Has anyone used their Anadrol and Winny caps yet?

Spook, how come you’re shooting the EQ prop 2x/week? Wouldn’t ED or EOD shots keep blood levels more stable? Thanks.

I am not convinced its really that necessary with prop. I am trying to keep the dosaging low, its 200mgs per ml I don’t want to be ducking into the bathroom ed to inject 1/2 cc. If it doesn’t suffice well enough I am not against bumping to 600mgs. I will be switching off of it to tren ed at the 5th week anyway.