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RSOC Drytest

I want to do 2, 2 on 4 off cycles. The goal is to add up to 10 quality pounds by the end of the 12 weeks, but strength increase is more important to me than weight gain. My proposed two-weeker will involve test prop/RSOC dry test at 1g/week and stopping on day 9, and tren at 75mg ED (150mg on day one, stopping on day 11.) Clomid will be run throughout at 50mg/day. The dry test contains arimidex.

My questions are as follows:

  1. In a tren/test stack, would RSOC?s new dry test be suitable ? it?s a butyrate ester so the half-life is 4-5 days ? would that be workable or is that too long for my purposes? Could someone help me to work out how much to inject and when (as I said, I?m looking at 1g/week)?

  2. Is it worth adding in d-bol at 50mg/day? My only concern is that I have used anadrol before, and it caused my lower back to become extremely tight, making working the legs (my focus) very difficult. I still have some anadrol, but am I correct in thinking that this would not mix well with test?

Apart from these two questions, does anyone out there have experience of this stack ? how were your results?

Any comments appreciated.

Sorry about the ? all over the place… i guess my computer is odd.

You have a better chance of reaching your goal if you just do 8 weeks. I don’t think I’d use the drytest for short cycles. I’d use prop and tren but not the drytest… But even so your gains will just be really starting when you stop. Then your back at square one.

O.k, so assuming i drop the drytest in favour of test prop, would this 2 weeker still not be worthwhile? The 2 on/ 4 off protocol suits me much better, for a number of reasons.

Anyone have experience of this?

Thanks again.

First, I’d like to bump rsoc products.
Ok, I did two 2 week cycles in my day. Tren/win and tren/test and win.
I took the gloves off and ate like a pig while on these cycles, I was under 10% when I did them.
I gained good weight, 11 the first time and, after losing some of that, 14 the second time.
But, I’m more interested in athletic performance so I didn’t like these cycles. Too much weight too fast, for my taste.
I later did two 6 weeks cycles focusing on improved performance and weight loss and liked the results much better.
So, what’s my point? If you want to gain weight I like the 2 on 4 off plan acutally. For cutting I think you need a min of six weeks. For your 10 pounds and getting stronger, the tren, test or tren, test, dbol plan will work well.
As for the test, spook is right. you can’t really use an ester longer than prop on a short cycle, unless you front load it on day one only. I did 1gram of enanthate on the first day of my second tren,test, win cycle and it made a big difference.
So, I think the two weeker might be good for you, I would definitely add the dbol. You can use a long ester test at high dose on the first day and short ester like prop every day after that. Don’t forget to train right for strength and eat, eat, eat if you want to gain the weight.

Thanks guys - i appreciate it. One more thing - how does this dosage look?
(I’m 210lbs at 10%b.f) This will be my third cycle, but first with test and tren.

Day 1 - ethanate@750mg, tren @150mg, d-bol@40mg
Thereafter test prop/tren at 75mg/day, d-bol at 40mg/day until day 10, where i drop the test and tren. D-bol stops at day 14.
I will run clomid (50mg ED) during and after cycle, and arimidex (0.5mg ED) during.
I was thinking that a gram frontload would be kicking the tits out of it a little, considering I hadn?t used test before?..

Thanks once again for your help

I recently posted on this type of course stating a 2gm frontload of enanthate and running 50mg ed dbol but it was pointed out that I’d still have 500mg of test on board @ day 14. I liked the idea of the longer acting ester rather than jabs ed but everybody discounts them for 2 on 4off, I can see their point but … maybe…@ 1gm frntld its a goer. Can the propionates build up in your system to overshoot the end of a cycle if so what kind of dosing protocol would cause this effect, for example if I used 200mg of prop. (say 48hr halflife) ED. right up to day 12 of a 14 day cycle.

Bill posted that a gram of enth or cyp at the beginning would be ok for this if you wanted to go this route. I still think it’ll only really help you to feel better but there won’t be much in the way of gains except maybe fat loss with Lbm maintenance… 2 weeks of dbol though is sufficient to get some strength and size going but whether or not you’ll hold it is another thing entirely.