RSOC butyrate ester

I have 4 bottles of RSOC Dry Sust 300mg/ml that I bought a few months ago. Lately on the boards I’ve heard that his butyrate ester line of gear really sucked. Has anyone else used the Dry Sust 300? How was it? How much pain, if any?

DrySust does not contain the butyrate ester.

Bro, I’m pretty sure it is Dry Sust with the butyrate esters. He was selling this back about 4 monthsa ago or so…

straight from rsoc:

“New” Sustanon Dry 250 (200mg testosterone CYPIONATE + 50mg of
testosterone propionate x 30ml vial with 0.67mg anastrazole per ml too)

maybe you have an older version or something i dont know. but this is the new version.

His last batch was not butyrate. The one 4 months ago was. There were a few guys who had problems with the primo. I don’t know whether these were guys with low tolerance levels or whether they just had a reaction to the butryrate itself.
Butyrate is kinda like prop. So there was a lot of solvent used in order to emulsify the chemical. I haven’t heard any problems with the test. It might sting a little. If so just cut it with whatever else your using in your cycle.

You must be talking about the DRY TEST not the dry sust. He was selling that last year. The 300mg stuff was made quiet a while ago because they changed it to 200mg/ml at the end of last year.

Anyways the butyrate ester had a 5% complain rate. Most people were fine with it but the guys that had problems had severe ones. I think you should be fine bro; but if you really want to avoid the sides try cutting it with oil.

Good luck

If its 300mg/ml Sustanon Dry I am 99% sure it does not contain the ester you speak of. The old Dry Test did…current version does not. Hope this is clear.

If its 300mgs per ml its the batch before the butyrate ester was used.