I’m wondering if anyone started this yet?? As I’ve mentioned, I’m on levaquin and can not be on right now but I have some. Anyone do this? Are you running it alone or stacked?
Results?? Sides??

Talk to phil about it. Better I’ll email you the results of his cycle that he emailed me. In short:
Cons: hairline problem, acne, pissy attitude. Said it was like tren in that regard.
Pro: 14lbs in a month on Bol alone, 4 lb drop post.
Stronger then shit. He said his shoulders are having problems cause his lifts got so heavy in so short of time.
Said it actually increased his wind, focus and drive.
He said that it would be great to use
pre fight (I have my reservations on that one.) He liked it a lot. Thinks I’ll like it a lot…

Thanks spook, for everything. How many pills/day was he using. I’m guessing 2?

I think he posted that on meso and was taking 20mgs, could be wrong though. Did not know they started shipping already.

No problem bro, I hope your still gonna like me after you inject a ml of that shit into your quad… It was the most god awful painful stuff I ever used. I had to cut it 1:1 to use it.
As for the bolasterone, Phil said also only take 2 of them bolasterones a day. It is a bit toxic.

I thought Bolasterone was supposed to be totally non-toxic?

Its very toxic, in fact Phil altered this version to make it less.