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RS to Tampa Terry with results!

Terry, I am just about finished with my month long cutting cycle. I started out at 185 lbs and 10 % BF. I lost 5 lbs in the first two weeks at which time I was at 8.1 % BF and looking lean and mean. The next two weeks I muscled back up to 185-187 lbs and around 7.7 % BF. I’m on the last two days of the prohormone and these are off days where I am refeeding. It worked! I was shooting for a bit lower BF % but I gained a bit more muscle than I intended. MY power has gone up an average of 30 % on all the large compound movements! I also dropped the thermogenic altogether on your advice. I think it didn’t do anything for me anyway. The morning cardio seemed to produce the needed deficit on its own. Next time I might not even need to cut calories 250 under. I’m full of energy and power and have just purchased the X-Vest which I’m going to use for many many things (brain fizzles)… Thanks again! All I need now is to shave this carpet off my chest and get my summer tan! Hooo haw!

Hey RS,
It seems that you and I have the same stats and goals. I too am 185 lbs with around 8-9% BF…I would like to get up to 190-195 and get down to 7%. I am curious as to what your routine and diet was like. I’d like to compare notes with ya. Talk to you soon (hopefully)

I did morning cardio for 20-30 minutes for the first two weeks. I also lifted 4X a week doing mainly isolation work on trouble areas. The next two weeks I dropped the morning cardio and did warm ups in the morning for a pump. I only did from 30-40% of my 1rm for around 20 reps on each major muscle group. At night, 4X a week, I did only the large compound movements to fail- 70-80% 1rm for 6-8 reps X 3-4 sets. I’m going to continue this routine for another 2X weeks while I drop off the prohormone I was using. I used 1-TU from Nutrex @ 100 mg X 2 per day. It took nearly two weeks for that to kick in, precisely when I started lifting heavy to cut, instead of cardio. The first 2 weeks I also fed under 250 calories and used MD6. I really don’t think it did much for me but I felt bigger pumps when I used it… possible anabolic effect? No fat reduction from it though. I dropped it after the first two weeks since it really bothered me. I also began to eat 250-500 cal over for weeks 3-4. I’m still eating over a bit but plan on eating maintenace level from here 'til the next cut. Next the X-Vest with pylometrics and cross country jogging will take the place of the cardio and I’ll continue to do compound work with isolation on lagging areas. Oh, one last thing, I practiced refeeding on my off days even through the first two weeks.

RS, that is just TOO cool!!! Thank you for sharing that; you made my day.

The thing is you had a pretty good plan to begin with, but you did your research, refined your plan, and then just flat EXECUTED!

The thing I like is that the deficits you created were extremely subtle. No extreme reduction of calories or extreme cardio. And the smart use of a pro-hormone didn’t hurt either. Absolutely awesome job, RS!!!

Tony, I just checked. You might want to type RS into the T-Forums search engine. That way you could read the threads where RS was refining and putting the finishing touches on his plan.