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RR's Once a Week to Twice a Week Cyp Log

Wed 6/19/2019 - Middle of Week 4. Easy time getting out of bed even though I only got about 5 hours of sleep. I average 6 to 7 hours a night. Any more than that and I am very tired the next day. That’s just the way I’ve been for a long time. Confusion continued, though maybe not as bad. Definitely still there. Definitely weird. Did not sleep in the evening. Day was kind of blah and yet overall I’d say I felt “good”.

Thurs 6/20/2019 - More confusion today. Definitely. Stupid stuff like looking directly at something of my wife’s, and thinking I will need to bring that very thing in from the other room (into the room I’m standing in) for her, as I do habitually. But I’m looking right at it. And I know I am. That’s what made me think about it.


And it took me all day, almost until 8:00pm to realize that this crippling depressed feeling I had for most of the day was hormonal. If you’ve been following this, you’ll know that I’ve had a pretty stressful time of things recently. Serious stress. At work. Not critical, but definitely above the average amount of stress someone would have when they say they are stressed. So I thought that’s what was causing my depression, as I had waited all day for an important phone call, which never came.

It was only when I sat quietly and reflected, and remembered back to Sunday night when I was uncharacteristically feeling down, and realized that my shot is due tomorrow morning. Sunday night preceded Monday, when my previous shot was due. As I have likely noted, I don’t suffer from truly awful depression anymore. Have not for a long time. I did have a ton of malaise when I was low, and that certainly qualified as a depressed feeling. But that was nothing like what I was feeling today, and what crept in Sunday night. This depression is almost painful to walk around with. It’s like a weight sitting on my chest and shoulders, and burrowing into my gut. It’s not physical pain but it’s the closest I’d say you can get to that without it being. I’m hoping it will vanish with my shot tomorrow morning. This is the worst I have felt in a good long while. No sleep in the evening again, which is a plus.

Fri 6/21/2019 - Week 4, Shot #2. Felt absolutely awful when I woke up. Depression was still hanging around like a tire around my neck. Tough to take. On the bright side, I got to do my shot as soon as I wanted. That was done at about 7:30am. Like clockwork, the mountain air rushed in around 11am and the depression went away. I wish I could believe someone if they told me it was my imagination. I know the mind can play tricks on us, but this was real. My body does seem to grab onto T very quickly. This day was pretty good overall. Only a little sleepy in the evening.

Sat 6/22/2019 - Fantastic energy and motivation. Felt like I could do anything. Didn’t want to mope or sit around and rest just because I could. That said, I really didn’t get a ton done but I went at some cleaning and yardwork hard and got through what I needed to. I enjoyed it, as well. During my Low T - in fact, for all the time before I ever started T - it was normal for life to feel like an absolute chore. On my good days since starting last year, that’s not remotely there.

I have quite a big worry at the moment, a non-medical appointment coming up at the end of this week (Friday), and my anxiety is playing up a little, but it feels more like real anxiety than anything hormonal. Always tough to say. Saturday was overall an excellent day. Again, only a little bit sleepy in the evening. I may have dozed off for 3 minutes on the couch. Seriously. Libido is still basically nowhere, which is really getting to me.

Sun 6/23/2019 - Today was a bit of an oddity. Woke up easy, great motivation, good energy, bright-ish mood, sleepy in the evening. I have also noticed - and this happened to me about five weeks into starting my injections last year - that the world feels more tangible. Food is tasting better. The textures are more interesting. Things are vivid but in a really nice way. I wish the feeling would last. It’s possible that it does last and I just get used to it, but I don’t know.

So I’d have to say another good day. As of this moment, I’m a little down again (second Sunday night in a row) but nothing like last week and certainly not like Thursday. Overall I feel very good. Like I’m in control.

I’m thinking that after my meeting this Friday, a lot of stress should lift and it will time nicely for me to hopefully zoom into Week 6. I know stress plays a large part in how our body metabolizes T and what all the other hormones do in response. I wish I could have done this log “clean” - without this sharp bit of stress pounding me down - but at the same time, how often do people get to make these switches with everything rolling their way?

I do wonder how much my libido is suffering because of it. I can’t tell and of course there’s no way to know. I only know that it is definitely suffering. Well, thanks for reading along if you’ve got this far. Week 5, ahoy!

Really interesting log. From the ups and downs it seems you might do better on an EOD or e3D program instead of twice weekly.

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Mon 6/24/2019 - Beginning of Week 5. If you’ve been following along, you know the last two Mondays have been pretty much hell. This Monday? Not too bad actually. My Monday shot takes place in the evening and this was the first Monday I wasn’t really going crazy needing the shot by lunchtime. I was energetic and felt decent overall. Mood was fine. Energy was good. Libido…? What libido. Bleh.

Tues 6/25/2019 - A positive day! This one feels like a real step in the right direction. Mood was positive - better than my average mood on T for the last year, which generally has not been bad at all. I find it interesting that on this protocol I seem to have actual days of a bright mood where I feel happy as a default, as opposed to just a good mood or a not bad mood. I can’t explain it. It’s like a little extra ray of light following my brain around. I will take it.

I can feel libido coming back into orbit. My MW is there just about every morning, by the way. Not much in the way of desire, and not crazy iron bar strong (sorry) as it has been quite a few times this last year… but as noted, going through some pretty stupid crap right now so I can’t judge this too well. No sleepiness in evening.

Wed 6/25/2019 - Another good day. This has definitely been my most “even” week yet since Week 1 when I made the switch. I wanna say my mood’s been bright at times today, too. Minimal evening sleepiness. Hard to tell too much about anything since I now have this Friday meeting looming. I have anxiety for sure, but I think it has zero to do with TRT. I can’t wait to get Friday over with and hopefully just back to whatever normal is supposed to be.

If you’re counting, that’s actually six good days in a row since I took Week 4, Shot #2. And this, at a time when I should by all accounts be feeling quite awful and overwhelmed. I’d say this is a fairly promising development, but I don’t want to lean on it too much.

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Welcome back to RR’s TRT protocol change log, practically post-stress edition.

Thurs 6/27/2019 - With Friday’s awful appointment flying toward my life like an oversized Molotov Cocktail, it’s almost not worth reporting my “Thursday” experience.

Overall, actually not a bad day. How’s that for a twist?

But seriously, I was pretty anxious all day which has zero to do with my TRT. I can’t tell you much else about Thursday. I woke fairly easily and slept like an absolute log (thank you 1000mg of Vitamin C right before bed). Mood was eh, libido was still on hold but I had a suspicion it might be making a comeback after Friday, and energy wasn’t too bad. I just wanted Thursday to end. So badly. And it did.

Fri 6/28/2019 - Ah, the big day. (Also, Week 5, Shot #2). If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to know how the big day went for me. Thank you for wondering, I mean that.

How did it go? Well it was 4 hours of pretty much a nightmare. When I surfaced from the ugly bowels of that room, I hadn’t eaten much, hadn’t had much water, and had been talking for 90% of that time. To say I was exhausted would be accurate but somewhat understated. Feeling that exhaustion made me appreciate just how much energy I have most of the time, which is actually a good amount.

So one good thing came out of it, then.

My part in this hellscape is over for now, my shoulders have finally relaxed 36 hours later as I write this, and there’s now pretty much fuckall I can do about the situation from where I’m sitting. Being falsely accused of something reasonably serious by an ambitious, power-hungry person who you thought was more friend than not (or by anyone, I guess) is not a nice feeling. I think it’s harder in some ways than I ever imagined it would be. And easier in others. First time I’ve ever gone through anything like this. And, yes, I would say I was falsely accused. It would be terribly convenient for me. It’s also quite true.

So… end of the day… I collapsed in exhaustion, no longer able to think, around 10:00 Friday night. I do not ever go to sleep that “early” unless there’s something wrong with me. And there certainly was. Not sure it’s worth reporting on anything else about Friday. Unless you’re still curious about how my mood and libido were doing.

Sat 6/29/2019 - Woke early, felt fairly refreshed, got up easy. Physical energy was pretty awesome. Had a headache that didn’t want to go away, and I never get them. Post-stress. Still a little tense if I’m being honest. You can’t help but replay this stuff in your head. What you should have said, what you could have said, what you did say, what you didn’t. It was a fair interview overall, though I guess I’ll find out exactly how fair at some later point.

Libido… is definitely on its way back. Seriously. Almost shockingly so. I need that. I need to feel that things are worth doing again. That certainly helps. Spoiler Alert: Wifey needs it, too.

Oddly enough I looked back in my own (much less verbose) personal log and yep, end of the fifth week of my original injection therapy (100mg, one shot every Wednesday, IM) is when things really started to wake up in that department. And here I am again. I’m left to only wonder if that’s a coincidence. I’m leaning toward no.

As I write this, mood is surprisingly okay. Energy is pretty excellent, especially considering yesterday. Confusion is around but it’s more like memory problems and honestly I’m not surprised. The whole week - month - has been a mental mindfuck of a drain - nothing to do with TRT. Other than that, I feel like I’m rolling right now. It seems I’m steaming toward Week 6 just as I’d hoped. Here’s hoping it’s only better and more even from here.

Sun 6/30/2019 - Heading into Week 6 of my protocol change. So far the adventure has been pretty much just as promised. Sorry for the long T-less digression in the last post.

So Sunday. An absolute banner day. Woke bright, high energy, tons of motivation, good mood, and… libido is back. What more is there to say about Sunday? An excellent day. Didn’t mind doing chores, organized like crazy, good mood all day. Still kind of exhausted from Friday, honestly, but this feels good.

Mon 7/1/2019 - Week 6, Shot #1 ahoy. No depression this week. In fact, I woke early, thinking it was about two hours later than it was. Always a good feeling on a day off. I was up and at it fast. Went out in the yard to do some work and had a quick breakfast out there. Not 15 minutes after waking. This is from a dude who used to take 2.5 hours every morning just to arrive on planet earth. And that was before I was low t. I was probably damn low t my whole life. My beard growth was always there but it was like this soft velvety thing. On T, it’s super stiff and scratchy as hell.

And so is the beard growth. Ho ho!

Tues 7/2/2019 - I don’t want to oversell it, but there is definitely something to this 6 weeks stuff. I know my stress trip is on hiatus but it’s still hanging way over me so it’s not just that. I definitely am more even, both this week and last. Yesterday I felt like I didn’t even really need the shot (perish the thought) and it was nice to be in that place. I had no mountain air to speak of over the weekend but lo and behold about 24 hours after my Monday shot it has arrived again. I feel great in myself. High energy, nice mood, good libido, strong motivation, sharp concentration, all the stuff men desire to face life head on. Well most of it, anyway.

I did have one strange experience this morning, which may or may not be related to the T. Earlier in my log I talked about how on T, I sometimes (rarely) get this feeling like everything is more vivid. Food tastes better, the world is just more present somehow. Well I was sitting there this morning having a conversation with a friend and… it was like I was watching it on TV.

I don’t mean in the depressed way like a pane of glass between me and the world. And not detachment. And not an out of body experience either. Just sort of sitting there looking at him and thinking he doesn’t feel real. Like nothing did. But not like a dream, either. Best way to describe it was it was like looking at a TV. Bizarre.

It didn’t make me anxious though, which honestly it should have and could have any other time. I felt totally calm about it. It may have something to do with walking around without this heavy weight on my shoulders - and… I did have an acutely spiritual experience on Friday, unmentioned here - but I really couldn’t tell WTF it was this morning. Felt like it had something to do with my hormone levels.

Sort of like during my honeymoon period when I got super-detached and could not feel a drop of love for my wife even though I knew that I loved her. That went on during the full three days where I felt like Superman. I really hated that part of it. Anyway I’ve freakin’ digressed again.

Just two days to update this time, but definitely stuff to share.

Wed 7/3/2019 - Oh my goodness, another incredible day. Libido is back. Energy, motivation and mood especially are pretty much off the charts. And in some cases, I mean that literally.

I have a chart which I’ve measured daily all the usual indicators on since last year. On my “mood” column, which was actually a “depression” column, I use a scale of -10 to 0, with -10 being the most depressed and 0 being the best, or no depression at all. For reference, I started around the -6, -7, and -8 range at the beginning of my one and only month on the TRT patch.

When I started injections right after that, it hovered at -2 and -3 until three weeks in, when it landed on 0 and stayed there except for a few odd days of feeling like shit. Over the course of the year on my 100mg once a week IM protocol, I had exactly three days where I decided I felt better than zero. I labeled those days a 1 and mentioned in my notes that I felt pretty darn amazing/euphoric.

Since switching to 50mg twice a week IM, I have labeled 16 of the 37 total days as better than zero, or what I had assumed before was basically my best mood. Some are 1’s, some are 2’s and today was actually a 3. I think the twice a week switch has clearly already allowed me to feel better most of the time than I did on once a week. It’s hard to believe otherwise. Also today I am totally calm, and just feeling incredible. Still a little sleepy in the evening but who cares.

Thurs 7/4/2019 - Not quite a carbon copy of yesterday but not far off. Everything is pretty much among the highest levels. Sleepiness was still there at times but otherwise, energy, motivation and mood are all really good. Headed into Week 6 Shot #2 tomorrow morning, it’s reasonable to conclude, based on my experience, that the six week thing is real. I had no dose change as such, just switched to two days a week. And with the exception of waiting for libido to get fully back on track, I’ve been feeling pretty awesome as a baseline since the end of Week 4. That’s nearly two full weeks.

I plan to update this log through perhaps Week 8, or when I feel I’ve reached equilibrium and/or have “dialed myself in”. Right now things are looking very positive for all that.

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Welcome back. Here I go again. Rounding out the end of Week 6 of my protocol change…

Fri 7/5/2019 - Another excellent day. This is getting repetitive. But in a really good way. Mood still above average. High energy, great motivation, libido is really starting to kick in. Not a whole lot to report here. Still sleepy in evening. I wonder if anything will ever happen to that.

Sat 7/6/2019 - Well. Finally a shitty day. No, seriously. I woke up and when I got out of bed, I knew immediately that all I wanted to do was get back in. Energy wasn’t terrible honestly, but I was seriously low-mo. No motivation. Very much what it was like when I was low T. I have a specific place on the couch I gravitate to when I feel like doing nothing. And that’s pretty much what I did as soon as I got up. I accepted I was low-mo and moved on with my life. Not that there was much to it. It was like a steam room outside anyway. I wasn’t depressed. Maybe kinda irritable? Anyway, it stood out. Haven’t had a day like that in a while.

I know people will say this is the ups and downs of life but how many of our - especially our in this group - have ups and downs due specifically to hormones? I can’t see it as anything else. I had some great days to report even when life was kicking my ass. Especially in this change of protocol time I am more apt to blame hormones if I can’t easily find another reason. It’s weird to be so motivated one day and so utterly blah the next.

Sun 7/7/2019 - Motivation is back! Just like that. I wish I could say I did some secret special thing to get it back, and then sell that secret and make lots of cash, but no I pretty much just hung around yesterday and then went to sleep. We all need to recharge sometimes, fair enough. But today I just popped out of bed like yesterday never even happened. Mood is bright again. Not really sleepy at all during day or evening. It’s nice.

Mon 7/8/2019 - Woke very easily. High energy, high motivation. Just an all around very good day. Nothing special. Mood was just ok. In the evening it was time for Week 7, Shot #1. Equilibrium ahoy, I hope. Was not dying for shot at all. It was a very easy wait as I felt normal. Not amazing. It’s funny how quickly we forget how shitty it feels to feel shitty. I would have killed to have a day like this in early 2018. For now it’s just a “normal” good day.

Tues 7/9/19 - Sooooo tired today. No real explanation for it, either. I do get sleepy in the evening but I don’t count anything under a half hour as a “nap”. Maybe that sounds silly but there’s a reason. For much of my life, I was a big napper. In my 20’s I would get home from work and most nights sleep for 2 hours. Every now and again I would wake at like midnight, having missed the sunset… evening… dinner… television… the entire waking world…

So today. 3 full hours. Zonk. This is my first proper nap since May 9th, which is two full months ago, before I made the switch. According to my log, I had a couple naps in April. I had a very long spell last year while on TRT injections where I was napping 3 or 4 times a week. Long naps, too. Had not lived like that for a long time, even while Low T. It was really weird and I didn’t like it, but I just went with it. It went on for about 8 to 10 weeks last Fall. The naps seemed to lessen greatly in November when I started going deeper with the shot and injecting maybe 5 or 10% more T.

Otherwise the day was fine. A little less bouncy than what I consider normal these days.

Wed 7/10/19 - A fine day. Started with a shitty night’s sleep as wifey was having a lot of trouble, kicking and having various nightmares and the like. Poor thing. But no… not the most robust night’s sleep for probably either of us. Regardless, it was an easy wake, good energy, good motivation, mood again is decent. Libido still kicking a little.

And… I have a small benign cyst on my quad which has been there for a good 20 years. Over the years it has grown to about the size of the tip of my thumb. Oddly when I started the patch last year, the cyst shrunk to maybe the size of the tip of my pinky. So weird. It seemed to be related to T. How else could I explain the fucker deciding to shrink away after 3 weeks on the patch? Then after a further month on injections, it decided to grow again, back to the thumb tip size it had been for years.

Why do I mention this? Because as of today… it has rather suddenly shrunk again! Just like last year when I started T. I’m thinking this is promising but have no clue why. It just seems odd to me that about the same time my body should have adjusted to this new T level (six weeks), this thing opted to shrink away again. Strangeness for sure, but I’ll take any sign I can get at this point.

Welcome back to my crazy thread. I am now in the middle of Week 7 of my protocol switch.

Thurs 7/11/2019 - Woke up easily. Ridiculous MW. Like a steel bar. Hardly ever seen before TRT, and I haven’t had it like that for about six months. Energy is fine, also feel nice and calm. Do not feel like I need my shot, which is due tomorrow morning. This is vastly different from the first few weeks of my switch - and for that matter most of the time when I was shooting once a week - when the day before the shot I really felt like I needed it. Things definitely seem to be evening out overall. Sleepiness still hanging around.

Fri 7/12/2019 - Woke up well again. Week 7 Shot #2. Did my shot and had great energy all day. No sleepiness, high motivation, good libido. Everything pretty much ticking over the way it should.

As most of my little observations above, this is going to sound odd again. Back in early September when I was on TRT and just as my ten or so weeks of fatigue set in, I lost the sweat smell in my right armpit. Left was generally kicking but the right was how my sweat smelled pre-TRT, which is to say like practically nothing. It has been that way ever since. One pit seemingly full of the results of T shots, and the other not. Until today. They both smell now. You would think this wasn’t something to be particularly excited about - although wifey likes it and I of course use plenty of deodorant - but I’ve been monitoring this all along because it just doesn’t seem “right”. Hoping it hangs around, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Sat 7/13/2019 - Once again feel absolutely fine. Woke with energy, got sleepy again during day, motivation was pretty good. This does feel like a new baseline. I would say that high bright mood I’ve had at times since the switch has kind of faded but I’ve had some stress and worries this week and I’ve also had a minor health flare too so it would kind of figure I’m not exactly singing in the rain. I do feel good, though. Cyst on my leg is still tiny. Body seems to be getting used to these new levels, whatever they are.

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Sun 7/14/2019 - Quick wakeup, good energy, decent motivation. Mood is okay. I got up, baked bread, did a few errands and hung around. I would say I feel less than my new baseline but that’s still pretty good overall.

Mon 7/15/2019 - Another good day. Week 8 Shot #1 - Yay. Did not really feel like I needed my shot. In fact I came semi-close to forgetting it. Good MW. Mood was a bit above average. Anxiety did come back as day wore on, and it subsided a couple hours after my evening shot. It wasn’t terrible anxiety by any means. It’s just that sometimes I do feel my T “run out” (so to speak) but this is nowhere near as miserable as I was many times on once a week.

Tues 7/16/2019 - Oh. That’s today, right? I was thinking to myself that I couldn’t really remember yesterday that well, and then realized, nope… Tuesday is today.

Today was a good day. Sweat smell is gone from my right armpit again. It’s like a woman’s sweat there while my left is seriously pittin’. I’d say my mental sharpness and focus is noticeably present this week. Also my mood is good. Time just flew today at work. Today was first day back after the weekend and looking back, I feel like I glided through the day. It was a challenge at times but that has nothing to do with T. I feel very in touch, present, and in control. Maybe moreso than in quite a while.

I’m not shutting this thread down quite yet but I will say that I have a couple conclusions I would like to safely draw from my experience. As noted, nothing is one size fits all but I feel compelled to report where my experience lines up with what we know, or where it doesn’t. Although I may talk in absolutes, I am only basing these conclusions on my experience and limited knowledge. YMMV.

  1. There is definitely a hormonal disruption when the protocol changes on the same dose. No doubt. I had some real ups and then downs at the beginning of the change. I definitely started to settle after I would say three weeks. It wasn’t perfect but it started smoothing out after Week 3.

  2. The shrunken cyst on my leg (it is now literally the tip of a ballpoint pen, compared to its previous Lucky Charms marshmallow size) seems to be acting as some sort of hormonal indicator. Maybe it’s the connection between T and fat? I thought a cyst was a fatty little thing. I don’t know. All I know is it shrunk last year when I was feeling good on T, before my once-a-week treatment went slightly off the rails. And on Day 1 of Week 7 this go-round, it shrunk again. My point isn’t about my cyst but rather that in addition to feeling quite good much of the time on twice a week, something has clearly changed chemically in my body again to effect this. It’s comforting in a stupid way.

  3. If you find yourself struggling on a good once-a-week dose, I would do everything in your power to move to at least twice a week. Obviously do labs, etc… I am flying pretty much blind and I’m no doctor. But most anecdotal evidence and data point to once a week being better than once every two weeks, and twice a week dosing being better than once. I am ALL IN on this, and I honestly had no idea what to expect going in. It was all just hope. I’m glad I waited until I got more comfortable injecting, but otherwise wish to heck I had done this sooner.

Hi again if you’re following me along my little journey. The end of Week 8 is nearly here!

Wed 7/17/2019 - Hard to believe but I am nearly halfway through Week 8. Compared to where I started, I am in a better place. Except libido has dropped away again. Everything else feels pretty good. Mood is ok. I may have mentioned in the last update that I felt like I “glided” through my day. That certainly continued today. The last few days have passed simply. My concentration is definitely good. Probably better than on previous protocol. Still sleepy in the evening, as I have been most nights.

Thurs 7/18/2019 - Air still feels fresh like a mountain. Anxious today however. No real reason. I do feel like the last few times, I’ve had anxiety creeping up as I get toward the shot. Mood is just ok again and libido still kinda nowheresville.

What is interesting to me is that libido really cranked up in Week 9 and especially 10 of my original injections, and continued crazy for maybe 8 weeks after that. Obviously my body was starting from nothing back then, so that should by all accounts be completely irrelevant. However I have noticed some patterns repeating on the two protocols, so I will be interested to see if that happens again with this. Fingers are crossed.

Fri 7/19/2019 - Ahhhhh… Friday. Week 8 Shot #2. Got to do my shot in the morning as soon as I woke. Like clockwork, serious mountain air rushed in about 3.5 hours after injection, and my anxiety melted away along with it. Living here in a nice calm, a good mood, with great concentration and just a nice feeling of well being. It definitely helps that it’s Friday!

There is a power to feeling like this that I can’t describe. I’m no beta, but I’m not exactly a manly man, either. Shit, I was probably low T my whole damn life. I feel way more manly on T… and I’d say moreso now than any time in my year+ on it. Very confident, with a real ease speaking to and dealing with people that I did not have before. For example, I don’t feel the need to fill in every space in every conversation with a smart answer. Yet the answers are there.

Although I am kind, courteous, etc, I’m not incredibly concerned about what other people think. About me, or about anything. There’s a nice “fuck 'em if they don’t like it” calm inside me. I would say this is more pronounced right now than ever before. I used to be crazy OCD about that shit. It feels good.

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Ok… so I feel like I have a ton of news, all good! Which means this will probably only be a brief update. Then again, knowing me…

Sat 7/20/2019 - Closing in on the end of Week 8 and just feeling very good. My positive mood is back. Not that I’ve been in a bad mood, but it just hasn’t felt anything special lately. Today is totally different. I feel pretty happy. Energy is good. Air is nice and fresh. Libido seems to be swinging back around. The cyst on my leg is still tiny and my sweat smell has returned to both sides. If you haven’t been following along, you will wonder what the shit I am talking about. Either way, if today is anything to go by, I am heading in the right direction.

Sun 7/21/2019 - Wow. Mood is fantastic today. No real reason either other than it being Sunday. Motivation is high. Like way on the upper end. Sometimes when I get out of bed, I just don’t feel like doing shit. Not today. I was up and about and running around looking for something to do from the minute I opened my eyes. Mood is even better than yesterday. Energy is high. The sleepiness still catches up to me during the evening but, wow, I wish I could feel like this every day. This is probably the best feeling day I’ve had in nearly a year.

(Oddly enough - my best feeling day when I started injections last year came on the first day of Week 9. Not only did I log it, I remember it. Here I am last day of Week 8 and it’s almost a carbon copy. Today’s mood/motivation/feeling actually made me think about that day, and there it was in my notes. I had no idea until I looked. Heck of a coincidence. You probably can’t make this stuff up.)

Mon 7/22/2019 - Week 9, Shot #1 and I’m still here writing to you, whoever you are. Have to say I’m actually quite proud I’ve kept this log up so diligently. At the beginning, I figured I would have got bored of it soon after, or simply tailed off. I hope people are getting something out of it, even if it’s only a few. And now here it will stay for those who want to make a switch in injection frequency and see what it might be like.

As for today, it’s another absolutely awesome day. Didn’t even feel like I needed to do my shot in the evening, although I enjoyed doing it just the same. Libido is suddenly cranking, I just feel absolutely full of life and energy. Seems so pointless to say I wish it could always be like this, but that’s what it feels like. I know people say that T is there to make you feel “normal”, and that compared to low T it will feel good, but I swear at times on this stuff, I feel like I want to live forever.

What a difference from the malaise and general repetitive shitlicking life feels like when you are low T. And it is absolutely worth taking the time and energy to get dialed in. I have no guarantees I’m there - and still no labs - I have done this blind - but my new protocol certainly seems a heck more right than wrong.

Yes, I was in a similar place last year at this point… and then about eight weeks later started to go downhill, so I guess it’s a wait and see. The only thing I will say for sure is that other than libido, I have felt consistently good on twice-a-week, and my mood has been way better than just about any time when I was on one time a week. The misery of waiting for each next shot took it’s toll on me, along with whatever my body had to go through to make each dose “last”. Apparently I just sop this stuff up like good bread in marinara.

I am well beyond placebo phase. Twice-a-week is 100% the real deal for me. And the dose seems pretty good. For the moment, I feel utterly excellent.

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this is me to a t imean word for word 100ml a week im doing two a wk but libdo 0

100ml a week?

Other than my daily dose of brief sleepiness, libido has been the trickiest part. On once a week, it settled into a predictable rhythm for me where it was (generally) up on Days 2, 3, 4 and 5 and down on Days 1, 6 and 7.

Right now I can’t tell you anything other than it has appeared and disappeared just as quick with not a ton of rhyme or reason. Having just reached steady state levels, I can only really wait and see. I wish you luck.

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Another three days down. It’s still Week 9 and the adventure continues…

Tues 7/23/2019 - Another high energy day. Anxiety seems to have returned but that could be related to a health issue. Libido has pretty much stayed disappeared. That said, I again “glided” through my day. This is something I don’t usually experience, unless excessively happy about something (and therefore distracted). Like in times of really good happenings, I’m pretty sure the days seem very easy. But this is definitely not that. In fact, I’d say life is a little tough right now. There’s plenty to worry about if I really wanted to. Yet I am finding the days extremely easy to go through, especially looking back at night. Having energy definitely helps, but that’s not everything. Something has clicked on twice a week that simply was not there for this last year, and certainly not while I was low T.

Wed 7/24/2019 - I woke up feeling like absolute crap physically. Really bad. I do have an autoimmune condition and it could be related to that. I still have that other stress at work. That isn’t over and it’s probably kicking my ass a little if I’m honest.

But I felt better as the day went on. Anxiety high. I’ve had practically zero anxiety for the last 3 weeks. All of this I would guess is kind of irrelevant to my T injections.

Energy high, motivation sky high once I felt better, and day was pretty darn good otherwise. Libido is kind of a joke. Am getting crazy MW again but it seems no relation to any daily desire. I wouldn’t say libido is totally dead but I would have to force it at this point. And shockingly, I don’t feel like doing that.

Thurs 7/25/2019 - Another seriously “easy” day. I can’t exactly explain what I mean by that. It’s like nothing is fazing me. I am generally the Emperor of Being Fazed. I’ve always been knocked down quite easily, whether I’m feeling good or bad. But now it’s like I’ve been given this superpower to navigate things that used to be obstacles. For example, someone strongly disagreeing with me or getting hot with me at work. I don’t care. I’m not bothered. It’s their fucking problem. And yet I’m still me, and will still work for harmony where possible, but without sacrificing my own goals or self-interest. This is pretty foreign to me and yet extremely welcome.

It’s like I’m more me now. A lot more me.

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My sleeplessness all but disappeared when I went to subq. I even switched to subq when I increased my dose. I will still occasionally wake up a half hour early. But no loner wake up all threw the jight

Interesting. Unfortunately my problem is the opposite. I get sleepy nearly every evening. Doesn’t matter how much sleep I get through the night, or what I’m doing, including driving…