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Rroo's Training Log

Today I did Litivsprints.

KB Swing 30kgx20 straight into 50kg backwards “sled” pull for four rounds.

That is a bag with two 25kg plates in it, with Spud Inc Farmer’s Handles as the handles. Worked pretty well.


Looks like a killer workout!

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Did 4 TGU with 16kg on each side and then some bw rows and pushups. Like two sets of each.

Itching to get back to lifting so the week off is working. My knee has unswelled from it’s state on Monday. There was some kind of not that worked it’s way from my hamstring to the knee and then my calf. I’ve just been ignoring it anyway, hopefully it goes away

More TGU practise, dips, and some swings.

I want to try something like " All-Around Training for the Tactical Athlete" on Strongfirst for my conditioning this time around with the Transformation Program. However, I need to actually figure out how to TGU without thinking to do that.

Edit: Apologies mods, I forgot the outside links rule, my bad

Kinda back and forth on that particular conditioning protocol because my TGU’s look like shit.

Yesterday I stripped carpet off the stairs in the house and then walked around the zoo before walking to my friend’s house from the train station. Ended up pretty sore and tired but ate a whole pizza so meh

Decided to be a good person and just follow the damn program.

Today was Press and Power Curl

  • Press 50kg - 2x8, 1x7 01:00 minute’s rest

Pleased with this. The last time I did this workout at this weight I got 3 reps on the last set. Wasn’t even a good day for me between the humidity, the insect bites, and my stomach.

  • Power Curl 40kg - 3x8 01:00 minute’s rest

  • Inchworms 3x8 01:00 minute’s rest

Going to be doing 50 reps of pushups and 20 pullups as my daily work, nice and easy. I tried adding too much stuff last time and ended up skipping it more times than I’d like.

Bad day today. Really hate the work I’m doing and I’m questioning my ability to stick out the software industry once I’m graduated. It’s manifested into me being a cranky prick all day, enough so that I dislike being around myself right now.

Did my pushups and my pullups. Will probably go on a walk soon and hope seeing some grass cheers me up.

It’s the birthday of a late friend today so did my workout at lunchtime so I can attend the celebration.

  • Front Squats 70kg - 1x8, 2x7 01:00 rest

Went too heavy for this week imo.

  • Overhead Squats 30kg - 3x8 01:00 rest

  • Inchworms 2x8

Had to cut it short because my lunch isn’t that long and I needed to eat too. Also did my 20 pullups this morning. I’ll do the pushups throughout the evening.

  • Whip Snatches 30kg - 3x8 01:00 rest

  • Clean Grip Snatches 30kg - 3x8 01:00 rest

  • Inchworms 3x8

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Did my Farmer’s Walk Litinovs today.

30kgx20 straight into a 25kg/hand Farmer’s Walk. Really trying to keep the walks speedy like DJ recommends. Did four rounds with enough rest for my heart rate to go down a bit.

Rereading Purposeful Primitive and while I’m still not sold on Marty I think I gave him a bad rap. The book is quite a complete one. Really something you could hand someone and be like “there it is, everything you need to know”


My feelings exactly. I love books like that. Marty is a good dude, lots of bona fides, walks the walk, etc etc. He’s a little cringe inducing when talking about his buddies, but it’s forgivable given his excellent signal to noise ratio, especially when you compare him to the likes of Rippetoe or god forbid some youtube talking head, haha.

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Not sure where to put this but here seems as good a spot as any.

Attended my first proper wake since COVID started. I really missed sessions like this for my gf’s dad and my grandfather. Deaths aren’t the same without the celebrations. It’s probably one of the best parts of my culture. Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of fun. Slapped my brother in the face at the behest of the mourning family, good times. Here’s to E.

Super dehydrated and sunburnt but who cares.

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  • Power Curls 50kg - 3x8 01:00 minute’s rest

  • Press 50kg - 1x8, 1x6 → dropped the weight 40kg 1x8 01:00 minute’s rest

  • L-sits on my dip stand - 3x8

Was an okay workout. Between poor sleep, a hangover, and everything else I was okay to take a little hit to the ego. Really impressed with my buddy lately, he hired a coach and just exploded in size. Everyone can see a difference. The magic secret was actually being semi-consistent with his diet more than a magic workout routine. So proud because he was forever DYEL before this.

People are calling him the big one now, which is motivation for my next bulk. I’m thinking of giving one of the Purposeful Primitive templates a go if I can get the plates together for it. I think as a minimum I’ll need some 2.5kg ones and hopefully I can get some 15kgs too.

I also want to do Mass Made Simple at some point. In the Dan John University forum no one has actually done the full 50 rep bw set at the end, which I find so disappointing. I want to be the first to post in there that I did it, maybe reset their idea of what’s possible.


I would be interested to see how it works for you. Sometimes I lurk Dan’s Q&A section on the Dave Draper forums, maybe you’d like the MMS logs over there.

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  • OHS 40kg - 2x5, 1x4 01:00 minute’s rest

  • FS 60kg - 3x8 01:00 minute’s rest

  • L-Sit progression - 1x8, 2x6

  • Clean Grip Snatch 40kg - x8, x5, x4 01:00 minute’s rest
    Lots of press outs here, I think I’ll be with this weight a while

  • Whip Snatch 30kg - 3x8 01:00 minute’s rest

  • Inchworms 3x8

Kind of hate how little work is involved in this program but it set me up for good results last time. I think I’ll make a true call on it after this run and whatever I run afterwards

Also bought some 2.5kg plates. Going to buy two 15’s next week if I’m good with my money

This workout is dedicated to @ChongLordUno

KB swings 30kgx10 SS 10 burpees for 10 rounds. It’s from the TB conditioning book (Meat Eater II)

Finished in a very slow 20:20 but I did it. It’s 20C today, 63% humidity. I hate it


Where do you live? 20c is borderline jacket weather for me :joy:

A country where that is a really hot day haha. I think 33C was the hottest ever recorded here.

I was in 38C in Berlin once and genuinely thought the world was ending.

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